Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Morning World!

Good morning everyone! My little one and I are hanging out in the kitchen waiting for my tiniest one to wake up so that we can get the day started. Not sure what we're going to do today, but I already have a headache, so hopefully we can keep busy and I'll forget about it. Hubs left to work a little while ago, and only has 2 more days before block leave. We'll be headed home to Miami for a little over a week and hopefully get the baby's baptism taken care of.

Baptism planning and coordination has been somewhat challenging with the church being down in Miami, us here in Georgia, and the Godparents in Maryland. It's slowly coming together and hopefully we'll be good to go in a couple of weeks.

A few weeks after that, Hubs will be doing the Tough Mudder competition with his unit. I'm pretty excited to go watch them all get beat up.

Speaking of Hubs.. He found my blog last night. It was slightly terrifying. HAHA! I told him he wasn't allowed to read and I wouldn't give him the name or address, so he Googled. Hi bubby!!

So far I'm pretty hopeful about our move. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who is currently with her husband at the Career Course. She gave me some info on good hotels in the FLW area and is willing to help us out and visit properties that interest us to see if they live up to their internet description. They also know someone over at the Career Course that will be coming to Fort Stewart and might be interested in renting our house. I had been a tiny bit worried about finding someone for the place, but since it'll be right at the beginning of PCS season and we have an AMAZING realtor, I don't think it'll sit empty for too long.

I've also been on AHRN.com daily, checking to see what options we have in Missouri. So far that seems pretty promising as well. There are a good number of decent looking places that are well within our BAH budget. The most challenging part is going to be finding a rental location that allows our baby-eating attack dog. Thankfully this guy is mixed with Lab, so I might just happen to forget to mention that he's also a Pitbull. Previously, with our Doberman I thought I could get away with calling her a MinPin. Apparently she's only "min" in my eyes though, because my best friend likes to refer to her as gigantor.

As you can see, he's extremely vicious.

Soo, one last thing for my blogger friends! There is just over a day left to enter in the Munchkin Land Designs Win One, Give One blog design giveaway. She's giving away TWO blog designs, one for yourself and one for you to give away. Let's just say that if you happen to win, you give me that extra design. Deal?

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. Haha I love that your husband googled your blog. :)

  2. I dont have any pets yet but I want a dog. Being a military family I know that we have to move a lot and having a dog wwould be a challenge when it comes to find housing. It really limits you. Good Luck on the house hunting project! We will be in your shoes in about a month or two.

  3. The tough mudder ... have one of those to sign up for. I'm nervous! Ugh!
    Love that your hubby googled you! Too funny and sweet.


  4. Oh goodness! My husband periodically stalks my blog, sometimes he gets butt-hurt that I tells stories about him! I think we can blame Twitter for that for the most part though! House hunting is AWFUL, we're hopefully moving closer to base in March so I'm starting the process... very sluggishly, I wish we could just avoid it altogether. Sometimes I wish the Military just assigned it to us, and then I remember how awful that would be and remember to be grateful! GAH I understand your frustration!
    Marine Wifey || Victoria


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