Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know we did! Hubster and I were able to get a bunch of things taken care of, mostly house related. His mom was here for a week, which helped us take care of a couple of things that we needed to do and go out on a date.

Thursday night we met with our realtor at a small restaurant here in town. I'm always hearing people talk about the place so I thought it would be great. I wasn't a huge fan and neither was Hubs. Our meeting went well though. He gave us the price point that he thinks our house will rent at, which is wonderful!

When we bought the house we signed a 30-year mortgage. About a year ago we refinanced to a 15-year mortgage. In doing that, our interest rate went down, but our payment went up a couple hundred dollars. No big deal since we're saving around $100,000 in interest. Well, our realtor hopes to rent this place out for just under what our current mortgage is. We'll still have to pay a small amout toward the mortgage, but I really don't mind since the bulk of the mortgage will essentially be paid by someone else.

Savannah Restaurant Week started on Friday, so we used that as an opportunity to get dressed up and have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Ruth's Chris. During Restaurant Week, several upscale restaurants in Savannah offer a $30 dinner menu which includes a salad, entree and a side, and a dessert. There are just over 20 resaurants that are participating this time, most of which we've been to or heard of, but we'd also like to use this as an opportunity to try some new ones.

As usual, dinner was phenomenal! We ended up not completely sticking to the $30 menu and instead chose the $40 options in order to get more meat. At most restaurants I've started ordering medium-rare to avoid getting a well done burger/steak. At Ruth's Chris you really don't need to do that, but I ordered medium-rare anyway just to see what it was really supposed to be like. Holy crap! I finally know what it feels like to have a steak literally melt in your mouth.

Saturday morning we took the girls to the Ringling Bros. Circus. It's almost the exact same show that I remember seeing probably 15 or more years ago. It was fun though and the girls enjoyed it. Hubs was disappointed by the lack of lions and tigers, but the elephants were impressive!

Saturday and Sunday afternoon were spent getting the house renter ready. The yard needed a bunch of grass in the areas where they just laid pinestraw instead of grass. We did some beautification by planting little shrubs and adding a walkway. We still have a decent amount of sod in the driveway that we need to bring to the back yard, but so far I'm very happy with what we've gotten done and how it looks. The sod just needs to be watered in and it should look perfect!

Later this week we'll be headed down to Miami to finally get Baby A baptized and hangout for the rest of block leave. A bunch of the friends that we made up here will be going down as well. Because of them all deploying on opposite schedules of each other, this will be the first time that we're all together in years.

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  1. What a great weekend you had! Yay for getting the jumpstart on renting your house. :)

  2. So glad you and hubby got some time to yourselves! When Brian and I lived back East we rented our house out...we paid a little more over the rent but it still allowed us a place to move back into when we moved back to California.

    Hope you have a fabulous week love!!


  3. what a fun weekend that was! great pics. thanks for commenting and reading my blog :) silly me thought you were on my list and i was wondering why i do not see your blog pop up in my feed. i added you to google follower a while back, but on my blog list your vanished :( it is fixed now.


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