Saturday, December 29, 2012

Killing Time

Since I'm just here watching Married to the Army: Alaska, I figured it was the perfect time to update the blog. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch all three hours, because I have a ton to do. One of the first things I want need to do is climb up on a ladder and get our welcome home sign hung! It's finally time!! In just a few days my hubby bubby will be home.

Worry not OPSEC nazis.. The date/time/location are posted on a public Army website..

Thankfully my parents were here for a couple of days to help out with getting the house ready. Maybe all this time alone has caused my standards to go down, but my mom was shocked. Apparently the house was "turned upside down". I didn't think so, but what do you expect with two little ones.

At the end of the parental visit, we all got sick. It was awful. Yesterday I felt horrid so instead of helping set up the barracks, I sat with my head between my knees on the stairs. The girls were in daycare which relieved a ton of stress, but I got a call to pick up V early because her stomach was bothering her also.

I'm happy to say that we're all feeling much better today. I just need to find my motivation to get up and off of Facebook.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. So excited for you guys and very happy that you all are feeling better. :)

  2. There is a bug going around. I went to Dallas for 3 weeks and the hubby was SO sick. My bonus son was sick during his visit and I'm now coming down with something. ugh really!? Hope you're feeling better as well as the little ones.

  3. Yay!!! So close now!! You're in my prayers!

  4. I'm happy for you. My husband is retired military and is also with the VFW. Our post adopts a family whose dad has been deployed and we take care of them. Its fun.

    I'm excited for you.


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