Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adri's Baptism

Last weekend we were in Miami to have Adri baptized and of course, do some partying! It has become somewhat of a family tradition to baptize our kiddies at the same church that my siblings and I were baptized at. It was a bit tricky to organize two baptisms in Miami all the way from Georgia, but somehow, we made it work.

This time was a bit trickier since neither us nor the Godparents were in Miami and Hubs was deployed throughout most of the planning process. We weren't sure everything was going to fall into place until the last moment, and thankfully it did since the Godparents came all the way from Maryland and a bunch of our best friends from Fort Stewart came down.

The baptism itself was just ok. I was disappointed that it wasn't very well organized and we could barely hear the deacon from the front row. When we baptized V, we all had to be there an hour early in order to get all of the family members placed and do a short run through of how things would go. None of that this time. The deacon walked in about 5 minutes before the ceremony and that was it. No instructions on who was to hold the baby for her head-dunk or who was lighting the candle. Although not a totally smooth process, it's done and my baby is baptized, so I can't really be upset.

All of the stress associated with planning the post-baptism celebration and trying to make things perfect turned me into a bit of a crazy person and a true Gemini, but looking bad it really wasn't that bad. We ordered a platter of typical Cuban snacks from one of my favorite Miami bakeries, along with a cake which was twice as big as we actually needed. I ordered extra cake on purpose to be able to freeze it and bring it back home with us to enjoy all year long, but unfortunately we left it in Hubster's mom's freezer when we stopped there to visit.

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  1. I'm glad everything turned out well! :)

  2. oh how precious. looks like fun and blessing all around. glad you could make it work in Miami again!

  3. You guys look so beautiful! Glad that the baptism went well. I know all about planning events when you don't live in the state. It's a lot!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. Everything looks beautiful! Congratulations!


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