Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That's What I Get For Trying To Be Cheap

People who know me well know that I will go out of my way to save a few bucks on almost anything. Nothing major, sometimes it's as easy as just doing things around the house myself rather than hiring someone to do it for me. The only time that I've caved in recent history is when I got a guy to cut the grass while Hubster was deployed. And that was only because a frog attacked me while I was mowing, and I am not a fan of creepy crawly little animals.

Normally, my little do it yourself projects and cost cutting works in my favor. Like when my friend and I built a fire pit, or Hubs and I installed a backsplash in our kitchen. Occasionally not everything goes as expected though. Think Pinterest project fail.

Shortly before Hubs came home, I spread grass seed all over the bare areas that were previously covered in pinestraw in our backyard. It looked promising at first, but after a growing a little, the grass all turned brown and died. We ended up having to buy expensive sod to lay down so the back would be presentable.

The other night when Hubs and I went to see Lincoln at the theater, I insisted that we park in a metered lot across the street from the mall instead of the parking garage. The garage price was a flat $6 while the metered lot was $1.50 an hour. We put in $4 to cover the two hour movie plus a little more. Well, it turns out that we were just under what we needed to pay. As we approached the car, we saw the meter-maid person driving off. Now we have to pay an additional $18 dollar ticket. Damn!

I think I've learned my lesson and hopefully from now on, I'll try to save money in smarter ways.

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