Friday, February 15, 2013

Cruise Booked

We officially booked our next cruise today! It may seem like a crazy thing to do with what's been going on with the Triumph lately, but we're really looking forward to it. These sort of things happen pretty rarely anyway. And, if we do get stuck at sea for a few extra days, it'll be an added vacation away from the kids before we PCS and have limited access to babysitters.

After our first cruise, Hubs and I pretty much decided that cruising was the only way we'd ever vacation again. It's a great value for what you get, and you literally get to travel the world in one vacation. This will be our third cruise in the past three and a half years. We'll be sailing on the same ship that we did last time, the Carnival Liberty, but will be doing the Western Caribbean itinerary this time.

On our last cruise, we bought a future cruise certificate, which is basically just putting $100 down towards your next cruise. When you buy the certificate though, you're guaranteed on board credit when you do actually book the cruise. Since we're taking a 7-day cruise, we get $100 in on board credit. We're also Carnival Corp (which has taken a nosedive lately) stock owners which gets us an additional $100 in on board credit for this cruise. In addition to all of that fun stuff, we also have the Carnival Master Card which awards double points on Carnival purchases. In essence, Carnival has done a phenomenal job of sucking us in and pretty much guaranteeing that we'll stick around for a while.

The cruise is about two months away, which means I don't have very much time to research our excursions. So far I've been looking at cave tubing and zip lining. I'd also like to try and fit a Mayan Ruin tour in, but that's not really a huge priority and might not fit in with the excursions that we've already selected.

Since we pretty much have no clue where the Army will send us after Hubs attends the career course this summer, this could very well be our last cruise for a while. If we're sent somewhere land-locked like Oklahoma, cruising probably won't be affordable since we'll also have to book a flight to the port. Hopefully we'll get another great location (like Hawaii) after Missouri.

On a side note, we're on Hubby's last couple of days of block leave. Boo. I'm not ready for him to return to work next week and leave me alone with the kiddies again. But with Hubs at work, it should mean that I'll get back into a better blogging routine. Hopefully.

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  1. Sounds like a great vacation!

  2. hi i am your newest follower great blog

  3. I had to laugh when you said "Carnival has done a great job of sucking us in..." lol, funny how that happens huh?

    We have never taken a cruise but are thinking of booking an Alaskan cruise after we get settled in after we PCS in a few months (we'll be on the West coast). Have a great time in the Bahamas! Sounds awesome!

    Have you been stationed in Hawaii before? We are here now and it's been amazing. Anyway, I'm a new blogger and a new follower, looking forward to reading more from you!



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