Friday, July 11, 2014

38 Down, 1 To Go!

Well friends, we are down to exactly one week until Juliana is born. Hopefully. Fingers crossed that her induction goes as smoothly as Veronica's did.

I have to call the hospital early next Friday to find out what time they'd like for me to go in. If they have too many women in there and too much going on at the time, I might have to call back at a different time. It's possible that the induction could get pushed back a day or two, but more than likely, I should be good to go!

At doctor's appointment earlier this week, I saw a different doctor than the usual guy that I've seen my entire pregnancy. Up until this point, I had been labeled high-risk, due to my elevated blood pressure, but since it's remained at a normal level, my regular doctor hasn't really treated me as a high-risk patient. New doctor guy took the label pretty seriously and scheduled me for the twice a week non-stress tests (NST) and set up an induction date for 39 weeks.

I had the first of my NSTs yesterday. I got to sit in this giant recliner chair with a built in massager. They put the monitors on my belly to record the baby's heart beat and to see if I had any contractions going on. Heart beat was good, no activity in the contraction department. From there, I had yet another ultrasound to check my fluid levels. Everything was good there too. 

The next week is either going to drag on or fly by. The fact that I still have a gazillion things to prepare, probably means that it'll fly by, leaving me no time to do anything. I have one more check-up and two NSTs next week, which won't help with my time management at all. If those appointments go anything like yesterday's, I'm just going to want to come home and nap. I wouldn't totally mind just waking up from a nap with a new baby in my arms and all the laundry done either. I can wish, right?

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  1. So exciting, gosh I can't believe you only have 1 week left!

  2. Eeeee! I feel like the weeks are zooming by for me, but I'm 3 weeks behind you... Hope you get everything on the to-do list done... and that all goes well with the induction :)

  3. Prayers for you for the induction!

  4. That's so exciting how close you are! Hoping everything runs smoothly!

  5. Ahh so exciting! One whole week! And the upside of NSTs?! A little bit of peace and quiet!

  6. Yay! This is so exciting!! I hope you get everything you need to done, but if not who cares! You're having a baby! Woo Hoo!!

  7. Congratulations (almost)!! I just found your blog and I love it!


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