Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby Registries

Normally, I hate Tuesdays. I have to wake up extra early to get V ready for school and Adri ready for gymnastics. From the time we leave the house to drop off Veronica, until lunch time, we're go, go, go with errands. Fortunately, gymnastics is closed for the week, so Adri and I are going on an adventure to the big red O while V is in school.

A few weeks back, I made a few baby registries for myself, with Target being one of them. I don't believe in having baby showers for second and third children (in most cases), so this list was strictly for me. I made the registry mostly as a shopping list for the few items that I would need to purchase before the baby is born. Unlike a typical shopping or wishlist though, I knew that by registering, most retailers would send me a coupon to purchase the items on my registry.

Last week, I received my coupon book from Target. Not only was there a 10% off coupon for my registry items, but additional coupons as well. Today I'll be heading into the store with my stack of coupons, plus some additional manufacturer coupons that I printed from online to stock up on newborn diapers for Juli and some Pull-Ups for Adri and a few other last minute necessities.

Cloth diapering with Adri has been frustrating lately. Since she's going to be in the care of people other than myself frequently for the next few weeks, I figured I'd make it easy on everyone and just stick to disposables. It'll be a while before Juli fits into the one-size cloth diapers, so being able to load up on diapers at a discount (plus the 5% REDcard discount) is going to be great.

Two other places that you can register at and receive coupons from are Babies R Us and Amazon. I'm sure there are tons of other places, but those are the ones that I'm most familiar with. I literally have one item on each of those registries, but hey, if I can get 10% off, why not do it?!

Oh! And my clothing order came in yesterday! Thankfully, everything either fits or seems like it'll fit once the belly is gone. Be on the lookout for an outfit post on Instagram today!


  1. YAY outfit posts!!! Love it

  2. Registering when you need to buy stuff is genius. I should make a new one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for all the stuff I'm going to buy once we move. 20% off purchase coupon, here I come!

  3. Making a registry when you need stuff is brilliant!

  4. So frustrated when blogger logs me in and loses my comment. Arg!

    Thanks for this reminder. I'm hoping I can still score a coupon if I make a registry this late... 33 weeks isn't that late, is it?

    Still waiting on our cloth diapers to come in - need to hang the clothesline in the garage - need to get the cloth diaper detergent made. Ack! So much to do!!! Can't wait to see your clothes pics, though!!!

  5. I'm pregnant with my third and wasn't planning on registering... but what a great idea! Discounts at Target-- yes please! Sounds like a fun thing to do this weekend!

  6. I am definitely going to keep this tip in mind for any future kiddos!! Such a great tip, thanks Alex!!!

  7. I loved registering at Target when I was pregnant -- our store gave out little reusable tote bags full of samples and coupons, and they were the perfect sizes to keep in the diaper bag or tucked somewhere in the car in case of emergency!

  8. I made registries for this reason too. LOL The amazon one was the best on the mainland bc you got free shipping too. You probably do here but it'll still take a freaking week to get here.

  9. The discounts are so worth the time! Plus it is nice to see a running list of what you need to get still.


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