Monday, June 30, 2014


I want to say that this weekend was a huge fail, but really, it wasn't. I had a goal of getting a ton of baby related things accomplished, but instead, I did a whole bunch of other unrelated chores. And a beach trip. Beach trips have become a weekend necessity. 

I got some cleaning and organizing done around the house, but nothing that was really necessary. You know, just polishing furniture and disinfecting floors for no reason..

Most of Saturday was consumed by a trip to the North Shore. After soaking up enough sun, we stopped in town for dinner. For some reason, on our way out, I picked up the book with the signed receipt and walked out with it. We'll blame it on mommy brain. We hung around chatting with our friends for a few minutes before our waitress came out looking for the receipt. 

As I was trying to escape with a sweet new restaurant credit card book and the waitress' tip (kidding!), I dropped my poor phone, which suffered an irreversible trauma. We've been searching for John's old iPhone 4, but aren't sure where we left it. My other option is a nearly five year old Droid. I've been improvising with Siri and voice commands. I figure as long as I can "call Hubster," I should be ok. 

Sunday was the day I got two items from my 20-ish item to-do list crossed off. I washed a load of towels and all three (eeek!) car seats. Then I made more lists. 

I'm kinda hoping that I have to be admitted to the hospital and induced on Wednesday. Packing a hospital bag and bags for the girls is my main priority today. I should probably order all of the internet stuffs that I should have taken care of last week. That's how unfocused the weekend was. I didn't even get around to online shopping. Speaking of online shopping, my Target stuff comes today! Woo! 

Hopefully in the midst of trying clothes on, I can take a second to focus on packing. 

I have a pretty good idea of what I need to pack, but since Adri was born so long ago, I feel like I might be forgetting an essential or two. Help me out mommies.. What are some must-haves in the hospital that I might be forgetting?


  1. You needed a relaxing weekend! Unproductive isn't always a bad thing. :)

  2. You're about to have baby #3. I think a day spent at the beach is a good thing for y'all.

  3. A relaxed weekend is a necessity. You need to enjoy the time before the chaos of a newborn takes over. :)

    I am a minimalist when it comes to hospital bags. I took hygiene items, old clothes to lounge in, a computer to watch movies, camera, and phone charger. I am pretty basic though.

  4. Okay the restaurant story was so funny!! Haha! Ugh...three car seats. I hate cleaning them...I hate unloading and loading them all together. And I am the worst with hospital bags, I pack so minimal its ridiculous. But I always make sure I have travel size or just bring my own shower stuff. The stuff that smells good, good lotion, because we all know there is nothing in the world like that first shower after having a baby. :)

  5. Honestly, as long as you have a carseat in the car and a pack of diapers at home, who cares if the baby's room isn't decorated or the laundry is a little piled up! That baby isn't going to care, either! Enjoy the beach trips and rest/relax!

  6. Trying to steal restaurant receipt books I see. ;)
    Such a bummer about your phone! Here's my list from the hospital..


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