Thursday, June 26, 2014

Panic Mode

With less than a month to go until my due date, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fucking terrified. John went into panic mode last night and started making lists of everything that needs to be done. At first, I found it pretty hilarious, and then it hit me that pretty soon, I'm going to have to evict this little creature. While Hubs is worried about stuff like furniture being set up and car seats being installed, I'm over here freaking out about labor.

Yesterday's ultrasound ended up going well. After poking my lady parts, the ultrasound tech was able to determine that a c-section probably won't be necessary. In all honestly, I was actually kind of hopeful for the c-section since it's an entirely controlled experience being run by doctors and not my body surprising me. The tech also measured the baby's head and everything appeared to be normal. My doctor also said that everything looked fine head-wise at my appointment the day before that.

The one concern from this appointment was that my fluid seemed kind of low. More than likely my fault though since I'm not the greatest at keeping myself hydrated. Don't worry, I've been chugging water ever since. I go back next week again to see if levels have risen, and if not, they might induce me then.

After the possibility of a c-section pretty much being tossed away, an induction would be the most preferable option. When I say that I'm fucking terrified, I mean FUCKING TERRIFIED of going into labor somewhere that is not a hospital. With Adri there was exactly one hour and 34 minutes from the time that I started feeling contractions to the time that she was born. 

So now I wonder, was I actually having contractions before then but they weren't strong enough for me to feel them? WTF does a contraction feel like? I mean, I know what the ones that make you want to castrate your husband feel like. What about the milder ones? Did I just feel a contraction? WTF are Braxton Hicks? Am I actually in labor right now?

This waiting game is going to give me major anxiety. In the mean time, there really isn't much I can do. I'm supposed to be staying off my feet, but let's see if I can get anything from John's list accomplished today. Even if it's just washing the car seat cover and hosing down the cracker crumb covered base.

36 week bumpdate will be up tomorrow!! (:


  1. Next week? That's crazy! Hopefully, you can keep her cooking a little longer than that.

  2. Cook baby cook! When I went in to be induced they hooked my up and I was naturally contracting and was dilated to almost a 5 and had no idea.

  3. I never knew if I was having contractions or not -- and like you, I was a nervous wreck about going into labor on my own. I was induced with both of them though {my kids like to just hang out, apparently!}. I had heard a ton of nightmares about induction -- long painful labors, etc. But honestly? Don't believe what you hear! I wouldn't have it any other way ... and I was only in labor {from first IV to final push} for 4 hours with one and 6 hours with the other!

  4. I went in for an induction with D and was already in active labor. Whoops! With B, I went 0-60 contraction wise so there was no build up. I have no idea how lady's labor all day either.

  5. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! It's insane to me.

  6. Dont panic! Lol says the mama with three. Just try and rest, enjoy being a family of four for a little longer. The anxiety of labor is always the scary part. With all mine it was 45 minutes from the time my water broke to the baby being in my arms. Delivering on my kitchen floor was my biggest fear. haha! But, I have never been induced or had any kind of medicated birth so I don't even know a whole lot about those things. LOL. You will do great. I am so excited for you guys!

  7. Stupid google - I had submitted a comment, but nope, it's not there. Meh.

    Contractions never feel like I expect, anywhere from mild crampiness to just a tightening. I think crampy is the best way to describe them for me. I never think they're real contractions. I'm more nervous about having the kids in the car with me than I am about having another car birth ;) Here's hoping both our labors go fine with little anxiety and no emergencies!!!

  8. You crack me up! I will be praying that you go into labor at your due date appt and they whisk you right on over to the hospital where you have a painless, flawless delivery. Can't wait to see photos of your girl!

  9. I am worried about not knowing when I am in labor too. I am just starting to feel the panicky, but then I remind myself I still have a little bit of time. I will be thinking about you and hope for a smooth delivery!


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