Monday, June 23, 2014

Taking a Break

I think I've decided that I'm going to take a break with my Etsy shop. Lately, it seems to be more of a burden than the fun hobby that it used to be.

While John was on leave, I had the shop on vacation mode. Those two care package-free weeks were pretty fabulous.

When I first started, I guess I didn't realize that it would be such a time consuming project. One package here or there isn't so bad, but with over 125 packages sold, it feels like I'm constantly cutting and gluing. I hardly have the time to enjoy scraping for personal projects. And even if I did have the time, it's not like I would want to spend more time cutting and gluing than I already am.

I have to admit though, getting the super excited "thank you's" from people who have purchased packages, it makes the time spent totally worth while. I think it's necessary for me to refocus where my time is going, at least for a little bit. Especially with the baby coming in a month or so.

My plan is to finish out all of my current orders and then give anyone who wants to order until the end of the week to get any orders in. Then, maybe I'll reopen in time to do some holiday packages, or maybe not at all. Blogging has taken a backseat, so I'm looking forward to having that on the front burner again and catching up with my favorite bloggers.


  1. Feel like I'm constantly rearranging my priorities. Scrapbooking has taken a complete backseat. My book is on hold until who knows when (editing blows). Will you keep up with blogging after baby comes? I know a lot of bloggers take a hiatus or get guest-posters, but I have a feeling I'll still be blogging away while I'm on maternity leave, because, well, I can't not write ;)

  2. It's hard sometimes to balance it all, I struggle with that too. Nothing wrong with putting your shop on the back burner. :)

  3. Feel free to restart your shop before Christmas. I was planning on buying the welcome home banner for when Mac comes back, haha.

  4. it's so hard to balance it all out - I'm kind of doing the opposite and thinking in scaling back the blog designs a little (I have been doing so many every month it's taken the joy out) and focusing more on my etsy shop haha

  5. Ah, I'm so thrilled! I found you through Army Ever After. I am a new blogger and military family as well. We'll be moving to Hawaii in September! I'd love to be friends! Pardon my randomness.


    (Third time trying to post this)

  6. It is definitely important to remember that you cant do EVERYTHING! :)


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