Friday, June 20, 2014

So Much Random

I have so many blog tasks/goals written down, but I have such a hard time actually sitting down and getting them done. There are posts that I've been wanting to write for ages but haven't gotten around to them. Instead, you have this awesome post of randomness.

I finally sat down and tackled one of those needs from my list. Holy crap! We have so much baby clothes! So much that I wasn't even able to finish sorting all of it. I might attempt to finish the last box or two today, but more than likely, the piles of clothes will stay on Adri's floor for another day or four. I'm going to try to convince the husband to go buy Veronica a new dresser this weekend so that we can put the baby's stuff into hers.

Is it totally crazy that a song that Veronica likes came on while she was in school and it made me wish that I could text her to see how her day was going..? Yes, I wanted to text my four year old at preschool. John will want to kill me, but I can totally see myself being one of those parents giving their fifth grader a phone.

I can't believe that I'm due in exactly five weeks! I have another ultrasound on Wednesday and an appointment with my doctor on Thursday. To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. I'm hoping for the best, but honestly, there isn't much I can do at this point to change anything. I'm also slightly terrified of labor just creeping up and surprising me, like it did with Adri's birth.

Last week I went to a coffee to welcome the new Battalion Commander's wife. I can't remember if I blogged about it, but I know I mentioned it on Twitter. I was pretty nervous since it was my first Battalion event here, but luckily, I ended up making a new friend. And I got a birthday party invitation for this weekend. Anyway, I finally got around to making and sending a thank you card to the hostess.

I searched on Pinterest for some inspiration, but even the inspiration didn't inspire me enough. Or maybe it was that some of the examples were too complicated for my taste. For some reason, I couldn't get the settings on my Cricut to cooperate and cut some pretty patterned scrapbook paper without tearing it. So, I had to settle for cardstock. I still think it came out cute.

The fact that my settings were being a pain, pretty much solidified the fact that I plan on getting a new Cricut Explore later on this year. Right now the price isn't terrible, but I'm sure it will get better closer to the holidays. As it is, I've made enough through Etsy to cover the cost and justify getting a new machine. And who knows.. I can probably sell the old machine for a good chunk of change. Or keep it as a back up.

And that's pretty much it for now. I still have major cleaning to do around the house, but I'm ok with being a little lazy for now. I'm thinking I might bust out the sewing machine this afternoon and make some cloth wipes. We'll see. Soccer will be on all weekend, so I'm fairly confident my husband won't be around. At least not mentally. 


  1. Yay for making new friends! It's so hard when you get to a new unit.

  2. I love the card you made! The colors are so pretty together, I know the hostess will love it. By any chance, was your 4yo's favorite song 'Let It Go'?

    1. Thank you! No, it's some song that she learned at school.. I love when she sings "Let It Go," though.

  3. Yay for 5 weeks! We got all the clothes sorted a couple weeks ago, but I didn't wash any of the baby clothes. Is that awful of me? They've been in storage for 18 months... do I need to wash them? Am I a horrible mom if I don't? I'm still waiting on my cloth diaper stash to arrive so I can wash and prep those, and thankfully I have all my cloth wipes (a TON) made and currently being used with Little Miss. Right now my biggest thing is making sure our emergency birth kit is ready to go in the car :)

    And that card is super cute.... which reminds me, I need to go check out your etsy...

  4. Yeah, please don't be one of those parents. Good luck finding a dresser!

  5. Love that card -- great color choices! And yay for getting a lot of the clothes out! Its been 2 years since we had a little one in our house -- and I still have a ton of theirs laying around for a consignment sale. Going through it can be so overwhelming sometimes!

  6. That card is so cute! Glad the coffee went well for you! And good job on the baby clothes, I dread going through the tubs of clothing in the kids' closets. haha!

  7. That card is so cute.
    I feel ya on the baby clothes, this time last summer I was doing the same thing. Which sorta makes me sad.


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