Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Need + Want

When John is off from work, there isn't much in the cleaning department that gets done around the house. Usually, the dishes pile up in the sink over the weekend until I get around to loading the dishwasher on Monday morning. I blame it on wanting to snuggle with my love while I actually have him around. Having him home for two weeks did not bode well for my to do list.

With Baby J making her arrival in just over a month, there are so many things that I need to get done. In fact, aside from moving the changing table around in Adri's room, I haven't done a single thing to prepare for our new baby. With Veronica, the clothes had all been washed and separated by this point. I can't completely blame having my husband around though. Part of it definitely has to do with third child syndrome.

+ Want: To focus more on scrapbooking for myself. If I have a chance today, I'm going to make a thank you card for the hostess of the spouses coffee last week and maybe work on that deployment scrapbook. I enjoy making the care packages for Etsy, but it's been a while since I've actually done a project for myself.

+ Need: Stop spending money. Having friends in town hurt the bank account a little bit. We've been irresponsible adults and have avoided looking at our balances. We need to just hurry up and pay the cards off and then survive off of ramen for the next few weeks. Kidding!

+ Want: Pick up some cheap summer fun activities for the kids. This totally goes against the last bullet, I know. Veronica asked to make some sprayable sidewalk chalk, so we need some spray bottles for that. I'm thinking that we should possibly also get a kiddie pool or slip and slide so that we can enjoy our back yard.

+ Need: Go through the boxes in Adri's room which still haven't unpacked to sort out clothes by size and season. Get it all washed and put away. In the dresser that still hasn't been purchased.

+ Want: More cloth diapers. My stash is pretty decent, but I want more. I'm missing a few of boyish colored diapers. I might buy them just so that I can have a complete rainbow. I wish BumGenius would come out with some new pretty colors or patterns for me to spend money on.

+ Need: Buy the few things that I need for the little one this time around, such as these muslin blankets. They're super thin, which will be useful in Hawaii. I have a friend who uses the blankets for nursing as well as keeping the sun off of her son. I plan on doing the same. I also need to get some newborn sized diapers and that baby book that is never going to be touched.

+ Want: To cut up the receiving blankets that we currently have and turn them into reusable cloth wipes. John thinks I'm absolutely nuts, but having cloth wipes will make diaper changes and diaper laundry so much easier. Yes, I have officially become one of those insane crunchy moms. 

+ Need: A nap. I know I've mentioned that Tuesdays are my busiest days. Gymnastics and grocery shopping are going to kill me today. I also still need to make a shopping list. Meal planning has not been my friend lately.

+ Want: To welcome my newest sponsor Lydia, the pretty lady behind The Few, The Proud, and This Marine Wife. She's a momma to three handsome little boys, as well as three angel babies. If her blog name didn't give it away, she's also a fellow military spouse.

+ Need: You to enter Amanda's giveaway for your chance to win this American Flag turban from Love Sewn Together.

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  1. I am going back to cloth diapers with #3 - did with #1 for 9 months (then we moved & went on vacation and the diapers never got unpacked). #2 got disposables and I'm so sick of wasting money on them! Waiting for my BG stash to come in, but I did get all boyish colors despite her being a girl, because I want to be able to use them for a future boy if needed. We have used cloth wipes since #1, though, and LOVE them. I use my old peri bottles from the hospital for the wipe solution (and they were free!), and the wipes are all from old receiving blankets like you mention - they aren't pretty (I'm not a great seamstress), but they are functional and save us a ton of money on wipes. Woohoo for crunchy! (Though have you made the switch to mama cloth yet? (I did last year and while I'm pretty sure it grosses out hubby, he's supportive ;)) ... and I totally feel you on the scrapbooking! I feel so guilty for not working on any, and while I have plans to do one for baby, I don't know if I'll do anymore hand-made ones in the future. :/ Hope your busy Tuesday goes smoothly!

  2. I hope you are able to get a nap! :)

  3. Those blankets are amazing. I still use ours for nursing when we are out and about. I have the knock off brand and Zulily is always selling them! Woooo hoooo! GIVEAWAY! Thanks girl!

  4. interesting list. i hope you get both your wants and needs done soon!

  5. I NEVER get anything done when my husband is home either. I always have such a huge to do list on Mondays.

  6. Isn't it ridiculous how the needs just pile up. The wants are just so much more fun. I hate when Brian is home and I want to be in clean mode. Thankfully he knows when I get that way to get the hell out of the house! LOL

  7. Oh man, the cleaning that DOESN'T get done on my husband's days off. Its crazy. You can always tell when he's been home -- the carpet needs to be vacuumed something awful, the laundry is piling up, and there is clutter EVERYWHERE! Just do a little at a time ... and make that nap happen, girl! {And I totally have an unused slip and slide still in the box that we will never use if you want me to send it to you for the girls. Its yours -- just say the word!}

  8. I always want naps! I wish I could have more of them.

  9. You're totally justified in blowing off housework when he's around. New plan: get John to do the housework while you nap.

  10. There is so much cleaning that needs to be done at my house! I told Dane I was hiring someone LOL!

  11. Love the idea of a need/want list. My to-do list has been so long lately too. Hope you're getting some rest too. :)

  12. If it makes you feel any better, we haven't done anything for baby either besides stock pile stuff into our storage room. There is so much still be done!


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