Friday, June 13, 2014

What I've Learned From My Dad

Because Father's Day is this weekend, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to my daddy-o. I don't think he even knows what a blog is or that mine exists, but hey, it's the thought that counts. I could have gone all meaning of life with this post. Instead I'm keeping it quite literal. I'm thankful to have an amazing dad that has taught me so much, and is usually just a phone call away when things go wrong around the house.

DIY Home Improvements: My dad has always been a relatively handy guy. Growing up, I can't remember my parents ever having to hire anyone to come fix stuff up or do minor remodeling projects. When John decided that we wanted to add a black splash to the kitchen in our home, I knew it was a simple project that we'd be able to do ourselves instead of paying someone hundreds to do it for us.

How to Survive Deployment: Ok, since my dad is a firefighter, I actually learned nothing about deployment from him. When it came to keeping my sanity while John was deployed though, Dad was the first person I went to. You know Murphy's Law of Deployment? Yea, thanks to my dad I was able to make several repairs to our cars on my own. I fixed the garbage disposal and dish washer after many months of overuse and abuse.Most of those stupid little things that go wrong were easily resolved with the help of my dad.

Cooking: Unfortunately, I can't thank my mom for my kitchen skills. Aside from desserts, she has no clue. Sorry mom! From baking snickerdoodles to making juicy tender ribs, my dad has the best recipes. I can't even count the amount of times that I've given him a call for help with a recipe. Any time I'm preparing a meal for guests, it's highly likely that it was inspired by something made by my dad and he more than likely received a call or five as I was throwing it together.

Boating: My dad has had a boat pretty much for my entire life. Growing up, we were always out on the ocean. As kids, my dad would let us drive the boat and help out with some of the basics. As a result, I'm fairly confident in my ability to load and unload a boat from it's trailer as well as how to navigate without running aground.

Not only is he an awesome dad, but a wonderful grandpa to the girls. Happy Father's Day, Umpie!


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