Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Pregnancy Must Haves

As this pregnancy slowly approaches the end, I wanted to share some of my must have items that have helped me survive this long.

Pregnancy Must Haves

1. Prenatal gummy vitamins: The gummies makes taking these daily vitamins tolerable. With my other pregnancies, I was taking these gigantic pills that tasted AWFUL. Fruit flavored chewables are the way to go.

2. Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked has always been my go-to flavor. Lately, pregnancy has been my excuse to eat whatever the eff I want. I limit myself to one a week. Bonus points for pregnancy-safe cookie dough. WoO!

3. Tums: With Veronica, anything with tomato in it gave my heartburn. With Adri, it was sweets. This time around, it's everything. And sometimes nothing at all. I don't mind chewing a couple of these to help get the yuck feeling out of my throat.

4. Caffeine-free Coke: Coke is to pregnant me what wine is to non-pregnant me. Although my doctor gave me the ok to have the occasional glass of wine, I've chosen to mostly stay away from it and have coke as my drink of choice. When the girls start to drive me nuts, I pop open a can and chug.

5. Baby powder: I always made fun of Hubs for powdering himself, but I totally get it now. Chaffing is a real thing, and it's real uncomfortable.

6. Maxi dresses/skirts: Thanks to my love of maxi's baby powder has become a part of my life. Getting dressed is just so much easier when I don't have to put pants on. It's even more convenient that most of my pre-pregnancy items in the maxi category, still fit.

7. Maternity shorts: These are a close runner-up to the maxi dress. When I'm not in a dress, I'm more than likely in maternity shorts. They're comfy and keep me from getting too warm outside.

8. Seamless panties: Maybe it's just me, but these are the only underwear I'm comfortable in. They're nice and stretchy and the fact that they're seamless, means I don't have extra fabric rubbing up on my irritable skin.

9. Boppy: Most people probably associate the Boppy as a must have item once baby is already born. I received mine at Veronica's baby shower and have been using it since that weekend. I wrap it around my waist with the pillow part in the back to keep my back from hurting while I'm sitting. Lately, I've also been sleeping with it.

10. Stretch mark lotion: I've been pretty lucky in the stretch mark department. I happily confess that I have not earned the tiger stripes that are often associated with pregnancy. I still use this cocoa butter lotion just in case though. Plus, it helps keep my belly moisturized, which keeps it from getting all itchy.

I know my list is kinda crazy, but I'm sure I'm not the only momma out there with unusual pregnancy must haves.


  1. I have been wondering if I need to get shorts. I think that is the only other maternity clothing item I may shell out for until baby gets here. Maxi dresses are the bomb, and that is pretty much what I wear every day too.

  2. Maternity shorts and Yoga shorts were the bees knees for me.

  3. Great pregnancy must haves!! What a good idea about using the boppy now! Darn it, mad I didn't think about that sooner!

  4. I love the ice cream added in there! I lived in yoga pants and leggings.

  5. I will live in maxi dresses when the time comes for me haha.

  6. I'm 25, and I totally take Avengers chewy vitamins every day.

  7. Maternity shorts are comfy as heck. I'd even wear them now!

  8. Love this list. I am the same way with the vitamins. I could not get the horse pills down! Ended up wasting a whole bottle but gummies are definitely the way to go!!

  9. Nice stuff. I always need ice cream.

  10. Yes on the gummies! I have relied on them this pregnancy, too. Maternity dresses have been my go-to since I work full time and have to wear business casual. Way more comfy than slacks. Great idea on the boppy - I might have to dig mine out. And thankfully, I learned that stretch marks are generally hereditary, so since my mom didn't get them, I don't expect to either.

    Love the list!!!


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