Monday, April 15, 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Week 8

Good morning! Welcome to week 8 of meal planning. This past week was extremely busy for us with finalizing our move. The weekend was spent cleaning and painting like crazy. I came into this move with an "I love moving" attitude which has since turned into an "I hate moving" view. I can't wait to do this again in 6 months..

The entire weekend, and most of the week was spent eating out. We didn't have the time or resources at home to cook for ourselves. Getting out of the house was a chance to step away from the craziness, which we jumped at. I hope to get on track with our eating this week.

Our cruise starts Saturday, which means no cooking for me. For the cruise days this week as well as next, I'll be sharing my menu selections from the formal dinning room.

Week 8 Menu:
Monday: Baked Spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday: Popcorn chicken with Mac & cheese
Wednesday: Vegetable Lasagna
Thursday: Chicken Marsala
Friday: Grilled Baby Back Ribs (dad is making this one) with baked beans
Saturday: Chicken รก la Grecque with cream of sun ripened tomatoes
Sunday: Roasted Prime Rib with stuffed white mushrooms and maybe some spicy alligator fritters
Cruise menu for Sunday

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Hop rules:
1. Follow your hosts. Alejandra at Munchkins and the Military and Lisa at Sorority Life to Army Wife.
2. Link up your weekly meal plan or favorite recipe.
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  1. Have fun on your cruise! Sounds like a blast.

  2. I really need to start meal planning. I made out my list and wrote down possible dinners for all this week then forgot my list at home when I left for the grocery. It was a start but I ended up forgetting a ton of stuff needed.

  3. Have so much fun on your cruise!!!! :) Can't wait to see pictures.

  4. OMG ~ I'm hungry again! You suck :) LOL
    Cruise too ... double suck!

    Love you girl!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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