Monday, April 1, 2013

April Cara Box Reveal

When I first started communicating with my April Cara Box partners, Caitlin told me that I was brave to be attempting this in the middle of moving. She had recently moved as well as had a baby, but opted out of participating that month. At first I thought, "pft.. I'm organized. I can do this." She was totally right though. Not only was getting my box out to Paulina (you can see what I sent her here) a challenge, but so was making the time to do this post, especially with our unexpected bump in the road a few days ago. Huge apologizes to both of my partners for the delay. I had no idea moving would be such a hassle.

Anyway, on to the box itself. Caitlin, from The Pearl and the Pilot was the partner who was assigned to send me a box. I was excited right away since she is also a military wife and mom, so I knew we'd have a bunch in common. She obviously knew me perfectly, because I loved everything in the box! She did a great job in general also and was super creative when it came to the theme which was "green" because of Earth Day.

The first item that I used right away was the spray bottle and tea tree oil. I've always used vinegar for cleaning, but using the tea tree oil was new to me. Since I was doing a ton of cleaning before we moved, the big industrial spray bottle was convenient for not having to refill all the time. I used the recipe that she sent me and addition of the oil made it smell great!

My favorite item in the box had to be the double layer plastic cup with reusable ice cubes inside. I've always wanted one of these cups and this one was fantastic! Not only was it giant, but it was also pink. Even though it was huge, the cup fit perfectly in the cup holder in my car. It worked great for the drive to Missouri.

Also in the box was a Burt's Bees kit. I've loved using their lip balm in the past, so I'm excited to use some of their other products. They should be perfect for my since it's FREEZING up here, and my skin is dry.

Unfortunately since moving really does take a bunch of time, I won't be participating in May. I hope to be settled in our new home by June to be able to participate in the swap again. It does take a bit of time to plan out a thoughtful and creative box that goes with the theme. I had a fantastic time getting to know these girls and hope to be matched up with equally awesome partners in the future.

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  1. I love that cup and anything burt's bee's!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! I found the cup and thought it would be perfect for your road trip since I know I never have enough liquid in the car (and it was still small enough to fit in the cup holder!). Use that BB stuff and give yourself a night off. Moving is STRESSFUL!

  3. I've always been interested in using tea tree oil for cleaning and other holistic uses. How do you like it?

  4. This sounds so cool! That cup is great! :)


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