Thursday, September 18, 2014

Juliana's First Beach Trip

Over the weekend, Juli had her very first beach outing. Up until this point, we've avoided the beach for a couple of reasons. 

For one, I was advised not to swim for four weeks after giving birth. There was no way I was going to sit at the hot beach without a efficient way of cooling myself off. Since my littlest munchkin has been attached to me like a little suckling pig, she wasn't going without me.

There's also the fact that Juli heats up pretty quickly, and I wasn't going to dunk her in the ocean to cool her off. Even though we bought a tent to use at the beach to keep the sun off of her, it can get pretty warm in the shade. 

Juli turns two months old today, so last weekend we figured it would finally be a good time for her to experience the HI life. Her and I snuggled beneath a tent for the majority of our time at the beach, but she did get a chance to dip her tiny toes in the water for a bit. When they're this little, they're not supposed to wear sunscreen, so I also did my best to keep wrapped in a light blanket to avoid the sun's rays.

Baby's first time at the beach

She was much better behaved than I expected her to be, which has me thinking that we'll be back to being beach bums sooner rather than later.

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  1. She's going to be such a beach baby!

  2. She is such a little cutie!! I wish we lived somewhere warmer so we could go to the beach on a regular basis lol.

  3. How cute!!! I love a baby on the beach :)

  4. Ahh I love this! :) Such a cutie.

  5. She looks like she hated the water. Poor girl!

  6. She is beautiful! I think I have a similar picture of my oldest experiencing the ocean for the first time. :)

  7. How fun! I definitely look forward to taking our little one to the beach when we get to Florida!


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