Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Survival Kit

Recently, I was approached by Man Crates and challenged to share the four or five must have items that I would include in my survival kit. What is Man Crates, you ask? Well, they're a company that specializes in creating bad ass gifts for men. The gifts come in a crate with a crowbar to make opening extra manly. You can even have your crate wrapped in duct tape for that special manly touch. I've been wanting to send one of these to John, but unfortunately, shipping to Hawaii is insane. Instead, my dad will likely be receiving one for his birthday later this year.

Anyway, here is what I came up with for my very own survival kit:

  1. iPhone: I am attached to this thing 24/7. From social media to texting, I am almost constantly using my phone. Anyone else super excited for Apple's announcement today?!
  2. EOS Lip Balm: I collect these like a crazy person. I love the fun packaging and the round shape of the balm. 
  3. CoverGirl Mascara: There are days that I go completely makeup-less. Actually, that's most days. I feel naked if I'm not wearing mascara though. The fat tubes of CoverGirl are my absolute favorite!
  4. Sunglasses: I never used to wear sunglasses, but John got me into the habit. Now, if I go out without sunglasses, I can't even open eyes, and when I do, they burn. I'm sure the Hawaiian sun has a little to do with that as well. 
  5. Old Navy Flip Flops: In Hawaii, it's customary to leave your shoes outside of the home. We have a shoe rack out by our door, but usually once I'm outside, I just want the bottom of my feet covered without having to worry about sandal straps or laces. I can easily slip on a pair of slippahs and quickly be on my way.
What are some of your must have items?


  1. I *JUST* bought my first EOS {Pomegranate Rasp.} and love it! I'm dying to try the coconut milk one, but its been so hard to find!!

  2. I love that lip balm! It's the best.

  3. Love your pics! Totally know what you mean about the shipping to Hawai'i or how about the places that don't even ship here ... :( And mascara is probably my make up routine on the island haha

  4. Yes, phone...sunglasses...mascara and we are in business!

  5. I got a thing of EOS from work, and I'm not a fan. I'm still a Softlips girl all the way.

  6. Yes, sunglasses, yes. I have prescription maui jim's that I can't live without - unfortunately they cost $400 to get new lenses, so they have my old Rx ;)


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