Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Expedited Shipping

I'm only 8 months late on doing so, but I finally ordered Baby A's crib last night. She's been sleeping in the bassinet in my room or in her bed since she was born so there wasn't a huge rush to get her a bed of her own. With Hubster coming home next week though, I think it's finally time.. I will miss cuddling with someone once he goes back to Afghanistan.

I did a bunch of comparison shopping and finally placed my order pretty late yesterday and I should be receiving my items tomorrow. That's freaking amazing. Two days! Granted, one item is coming from Orlando, Fl and the other is coming from somewhere here in Georgia. But back in the day, my order wouldn't have even been processed yet with standard shipping.

I've noticed lately that there really isn't any reason to pay the more expensive shipping costs unless you need the product now. Companies have really stepped it up and working at making customers happier. At least in this sense.

I'm very excited to be receiving the crib and mattress and to have my beautiful husband home next week to help me put it together!

Keep an eye open for tomorrow's recap of today! We had a great beach day!


  1. Hey sweetie, I'm giving you the sunshine blog award. http://todaywiththetennerys.blogspot.com/2012/07/awww-sunshine-blog-award-for-me.html

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