Monday, July 9, 2012

Opinions on Spanking

This afternoon I spent about 25 minutes watching a heated Facebook debate regarding spanking children. There were the two main people making their opposing posts with a few random people making remarks here and there. As I'm sure you can imagine, one person was for spanking and the other was against.

The commenter who was for spanking made points suggesting that what is wrong with the world today has to do with the fact that parents don't spank/discipline their children anymore. That she was spanked as a child and didn't become a serial killer. Spanking is a tradition in many civilizations and cultures that are no better or worse off than we are.

The other woman who was debating compared spanking to assaulting a child. One of her main points had to do the adult's force meeting a stationary child. She stated that there are several nonphysical ways of disciplining children that don't have the same consequences. She also added that spanking has been outlawed in many places around the globe.

Spanking has become a super sensitive subject lately. At the daycare that I take the girls to, if you are seen spanking your child(ren), they'll be taken away from you for child abuse. While I don't think spanking is abuse, I know that some parents are completely capable of taking it too far.

I'm curious what those of you in blog world think about the spanking subject.. Do you spank your kids? If not, what are your alternative methods?


  1. I'm not a parent but I have several close friends who, in my opinion, are excellent parents and the type I will try my darnedest to emulate someday.

    Almost every single one of them believes in spanking and from what I have experienced I'd agree for the most part. Obviously there are boundaries, as with any disciplinary action, but done correctly I think it's a good form. Not the only form, but certainly a viable one.

    I would add as an addendum that if a parent grew up in an abusive household OR has anger issues(I put myself in this category), then spanking should not even be an option. When you have dealt with things like this all your life, you are more likely to lose control and use spanking as more than just a small consequence in your overall parenting. I won't ever use spanking as a disciplinary action because I would be too afraid of even the slight possibility of crossing that boundary.

    1. I absolutely agree with that last part. I've never considered that but it's completely true!

  2. We don't spank. I was spanked as a child and I can honestly say that I was one of those kids that never "needed" a spanking. Not that I didn't misbehave but I was punished enough by being scolded. I would cry and feel remorseful just off the look they would give me alone. I think different things work for different kids. So far, I can tell my daughter is just like I was. If she does something wrong and I say "time out" she instantly begins to cry and I can tell she feels bad for what she did. That's why we don't spank. It's just simply not needed for her. I also feel like nothing that she's done deserves that kind of punishment. Kids are going to test their limits and push you. It's your job as a parent to have patience and teach them right from wrong without being overly aggressive.


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