Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

After much deliberation, we finally got the girls Halloween costumes. Had I realized that Halloween was just around the corned, I probably would have purchased sooner, but things have been busy. I'm just glad that we were able to get what we wanted and in everyone's sizes.

Although the girls were Disney princesses last year, and I wanted to avoid the same theme this year, it's what we settled on. I was really hoping to have a purple minion and a yellow minion, from Despicable Me, but V is really into princesses lately. So V will be Ariel, and Adri will be Sofia.

Since I'm a tiny bit OCD, I insisted that the costumes follow a theme. Just like with their outfits, I like the girls to match, but not be in the exact same outfit. It's going to hurt when both of them are old enough to choose their own costumes, and they decided to be total opposites.

For the time being, I'm putting together a list of sibling costumes. I went insane trying to think of something at the last minute last year. Hopefully, I'll be able to look back at this in the future for ideas.

Monkey & Banana
Ketchup & Mustard
Cowgirl & Indian
Mario & Luigi/Wario
Rabbit & Magician
Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf/Grandmother
Dorothy & Lion/Scarecrow/Tinman
Curious George & Man in the Yellow Hat
Pacman & Ghost
Dog & Cat
Bull & Bull Fighter
Thing 1 & 2
Pooh & Piglet/ Tigger
Bumble Bee & Ladybug
Angel & Devil
Yo Gabba Gabba characters
Chicken & Egg
Cop & Robber
Caterpillar & Butterfly
Bo Peep & Sheep
Cat & Mouse
Care Bears
Mickey & Minnie
Strawberry Shortcake & friends
Monsters Inc.
Spongebob & Patrick
Woody & Jesse/Buzz Lightyear
Sesame Street characters
Maggie & Lisa Simpson
Spoon & Fork

Love, Alex

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  1. Theme/matching costumes are so cute. I don't think I will ever be that organized but I love to see them!

  2. My assistant & I were ketchup & mustard last year for our preschoolers. They loved it! :)

  3. These are all such cute ideas! :)

  4. This made me laugh...we have always done theme costumes, but this year the boys had their own ideas. No matter how much convincing I did the boys picked out their own costumes. But once we got home and tried them on they were so excited, so I guess I can't complain :)

  5. My sister and I did Belle and Snow White one year. My parentals were big fans of matching costumes.

  6. We have a Snow White costume for S this year, so I was really hoping to find a lawn gnome costume for L, so he could look like one of the 7 dwarfs. Those costumes for kids were the big thing [at least around us] last year, but this year?! I couldn't find one. So he's thrilled because he gets to go as Batman, instead!

  7. Collin wants to be Woody and is insisting his little brother be Buzz Lightyear. We are lucky that Luke can't voice his own opinion so he will happily wear whatever we decide.

  8. We're matching this year. A pirate and a parrot. :)

  9. I gave up on the cute ideas this year. G knows what he wants and will not be convinced by mama any more ;-) I'm sure your girls will be adorable princesses!

  10. My MIL made Wyatt's costume - Snoopy! Pictures coming soon!


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