Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Talk Halloween

It's October, so you know what that means! Halloween candy has already been out on the shelves for a month! Am I crazy or are holiday products making their way into stores earlier and earlier? Pretty soon we'll actually be able to celebrate Christmas in July.

Now that it's socially acceptable, I want to talk Halloween. I asked my lovely sponsors a little bit about their Halloween favorites, so I'll share some of mine, and some of theirs. First though, let me reintroduce these ladies.

 You can find Breanna at the bottom of every post. She's a 24 year old nurse and Big Brother fanatic living it up in Minnesota. 

Lanaya is the gym rat mom to toddler, Reagan. She's also a business woman and owner of Reagan's Toy Chest, an educational online toy store for toddlers.

 Fellow Army wife Kelsey, is a stay at home mom of three stationed up in Alaska. I don't know how she does it, but she does it all while looking fabulous.

I've casually started looking at costumes. I think I know what the girls are going to dress up as, but is can always change between now and the end of the month. Lanaya and Kelsey's are both on par with my idea for this year. Lanaya is thinking a Tangled theme, and Kelsey's favorite costume is when she and her husband dressed up as a cavemen and cave woman. I LOVE those matchy coordinating costumes. Breanna's favorite is actually another of my favorites. Ke$ha. You really can't screw that one up. I went the Lady Gaga route, but close enough!

Up until this point, I've done really well at staying away from the candy aisle. I'll more than likely pick something up next time I grocery shop. I love candy corn, but I'm kind of glad I can only find it around this time of year. I'd be pretty sick of eating it if I could find it year-round. All three sponsors are chocolate fans. Breanna is a Twix lover, while Lanaya and Kelsey both prefer Kit Kats.

Unlike myself, all three ladies are door-openers for trick or treaters. Remember my social anxiety issue? Yeah, I don't like dealing with strangers. Not even little kids. If it was up to me, the bucket of candy would stay at the door all night. Hubs likes to answer the door and chat up the little kids. Kelsey likes to scare them. Breanna normally doesn't get too many kids in her neighborhood. Since Reagan is old enough to trick or treat this year, Lanaya might go with a bowl at the door.

What are some of your Halloween favorites and traditions?

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Love, Alex

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  1. I have the girls costumes picked out but have yet to buy them. I should probably do that! We usually just put the bucket outside with a sign, half the time were gone, and the other it's too annoying having people ring the bell or knock since our dog goes insane.

  2. We always sit outside in our driveway with the candy bowl. Our dog goes nuts every time the doorbell rings. We are in a new city this year so I'm hoping for a good turn out. :)

  3. We're so buying Purrburger a Halloween costume, mwahahaha. And we really didn't have too many trick or treaters in NC. A lot of units did trunk or treat parties with their FRGs, so parents wouldn't take their kids around the neighborhood. Not so sure if kids in apartment complexes go door to door, either.

  4. Collin wants to be Woody and he wants his baby brother to be Buzz Lightyear.i think it's a cute idea but I'm also prepared for him to change his mind before Halloween. I love Halloween candy especially the pumpkin candy corn mix. Yum!

  5. Such a fun way to do the sponsors post love!! Kelsey and I have a bit in common don't we?

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. Yes ma'am Lanaya we do :) And for the record I am not a super scary mean person...just a fun scary mean person. haha! I especially like to freak the "older" questionable "big kids" who come knocking on the door for candy, but I feel like I should card them instead because clearly they should not be saying "trick or treat".

  7. I don't like opening the door either. That's the hubs job.

  8. I love this time of the year! All the food and holidays!


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