Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Throwing Ish Together

We are nearing the end of our time in Missouri. Hallelujah! As time ticks down though, I find myself struggling to prepare for the packers to come box everything up. In the past, it hasn't been a huge deal. We always drove to the next duty station, so anything that the movers couldn't take, ended up in the back of a car.

Since we're flying to the next duty station though, we really don't have that option. American Airlines allows Hubster to  check five bags for free, and each dependent (the girls and I) gets two. In these bags will be the majority of our clothes, and a lot of the liquid items that the movers won't take such as lotion and perfume/cologne. We've learned that each set of packers does things differently, so we're setting aside a few empty bags for whatever they decide they won't take. We've been told yes and no on items such as candles, light bulbs, and batteries.

One thing that no one takes is food. You're good with unopened nonperishable items, but lets face it, almost every box in this house it open. Plus, I've got a freezer full of food that needs to be eaten. And that's where the fun comes in! The next few dinners in this house will be a lovely combination of anything and everything in the house.

Last night's dinner was a "Mexican Slop", as Hubster refers to it. It was actually quite tasty. I fried up most of the tortillas in the house, shredded up some chicken from the freezer, threw in a bag of cheese, and combined a whole bunch of "Mexican" ingredients in a pan. Success! The husband was skeptical, but it was really good. Something I would make again.

Now I've got more fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of, probably in some sort of Sheppard's pie tonight.

Is there a strange combination of food that you really enjoy?

Love, Alex

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  1. Oh thank God I read this today ... We had Taco Bell for dinner and the night before was chocolate cake! I really need to feed my child better. MOVING SUCKS!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. This was a pretty creative dinner considering you are moving! I really wish they had like a list of things the movers will and will not pack. Every pcs has been different for us. This last time coming up to AK the movers literally packed everything, I kept looking at my husband like...should we say something? haha

  3. This dinner looks yummy. I am impressed you just threw it together. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. Isn't that cricut cartridge so fun?

  4. Moving always takes a toll! Oh I am loving that meal, yum!

  5. Oh man -- sometimes the best meals come from things you would NEVER normally put together! I had some bisquick laying around and some frozen shredded turkey that both needed to be eaten before they had to get thrown out. Tossed in some gravy and a can of mixed veggies we happened to have and voila -- chicken and dumplings on the fly!

  6. I always ask the movers for a linen box for our last night in the house, that's where I hide all the stuff they wouldn't pack. ;)

    And that dish looks yummy!

  7. My Husband and I are known for mixing random stuff together and seeing how it turns out! Mostly meats, beans, spices, canned veggies...etc. Most of the time it turns out delicious!

  8. I'm half Filipino, so some of the foods I love are questionable to Westerners lol! One of my favs is bagoong! It's shrimp grounded up into a paste and fermented in fish sauce - sorta smells funny - but it tastes great!!

  9. This is always fun! I do lots of casseroles and "stir fry" (aka I throw it all in soy sauce and let it land on top of quinoa/rice). Good luck!!

  10. So excited for you guys! Its crazy the things you have to 'plan' for while moving commences. Hope you find some tasty meals this week :)

  11. Oh yes, even before a long vacation I know that feeling of inventing meals out of whatever odd ingredients you want to use up so that the kitchen gets cleaned out!


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