Sunday, November 17, 2013

Also Seen on TV - Flashlight Friend

I received a Flashlight Friend complimentary in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.

Along with the Pop Chef that I recently received, I also received a blue puppy Flashlight Friend for Veronica. Instantly, she fell in love it with it. V is a bit of a scaredy cat and definitely not a fan of the dark. I figured a Flashlight Friend might be the perfect solution to calm her fears at night.

When we first opened up the box, inserted three AAA batteries, and started playing with the puppy, I was slightly blinded by how bright the light was. I was thinking that it would be a dull-ish nightlight type of thing, but like the name says, it's actually a flashlight. The light is able to illuminate a dark room easily.

The great thing about the Flashlight Friends is that the light doesn't get hot. V used it over and over again and it was still cool to the touch. In order to turn the light on, you're required to tap it twice, which means it's less likely that the light will turn on accidentally with someone rolling over it. After ten minutes, the light automatically shuts off. Although V doesn't get up to use the potty at night, this would be great for a child that does.

Our blue puppy is plush, cuddly, and the perfect addition for bed time. The light stays on for long enough for V to comfortably fall asleep, and is easy for her to turn on in the middle of the night if she happens to wake up.

I'd say that this product was a great addition to our family. Without batteries, it's a soft stuffed animal perfect for cuddling. The addition of batteries makes it the perfect night time tool. The one downside is that these guys aren't machine washable.

There are six different Flashlight Friends characters: Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Green Dragon, Blue Puppy, and Purple Panda. I'm pretty sure I've seen these guys available at Walmart, but you can also purchase one from their website.

Love, Alex

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  1. How cute! How do you get these great opportunities?

  2. My son got the gree dragon for his birthday and sleeps with it every night. Super cute and I love the automatic shut off.


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