Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Surprise, PARTY!

Even though they make me crazy, I'm convinced that I have the best family ever. Family also includes my bestest best friend, who also happens to be my sorority sister.

Saturday, before we left Miami, my mom and best friend put together a Hawaiian themed going away party for Hubster and I. They invited our group of mutual friends, which happen to mostly be Hubster's fraternity brothers. These guys have pretty much become part of my parents' family as well, since they're always at the house when we're home.

There was lots of food and TONS to drink. We had planned on going to Texas de Brazil that evening, but scratched those plans since everyone had eaten so much. Normally Texas is one of those things that I must do in Miami, but since there is one in Hawaii, I'm not to sad about missing out on it.

We're in Orlando this week visiting Hubster's mom before we fly to Hawaii over the weekend. We have a few things planned here to keep the time passing quickly. We've got to get our car cleaned out so that we can ship it at the end of the week. Someone also needs a haircut and shave desperately.

Love, Alex

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  1. Awe what an awesome family! Can't believe it's almost Hawaii time! Can't wait to follow all the new adventures.

  2. I love that they threw you a party, such a wonderful family you have! :)

  3. How fabulous that they threw you a party!

  4. Lucky you! Haiwaii!!!!

    You gotta take a lot of touristy photos for us!!



  5. How fun!!!! That is so nice that they threw you guys a party!

  6. How sweet of your mom to have a party for you all! I'm sure it was bittersweet. Only a short amount of time until you are in your new home! That is pretty exciting!

  7. Yay for surprise parties! Hope you enjoy your last week before you head to paradise.

  8. What is Texas de Brazil? One of those places that walk around with meat on swords?

    How great of your family to give you the party!


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