Sunday, November 17, 2013

As Seen On TV - Pop Chef

I received a Pop Chef  complimentary in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.

I'm a sucker for infomercials. My parents are lucky that they didn't leave their credit cards lying around when I was a kid or I would have ordered everything I saw on the TV. As an adult, I've become a bit more skeptical, but I'm still intrigued by certain items.

Not too long ago, I saw the Pop Chef on TV. Immediately, I was interested. I've been trying the bento thing, to try to get the girls to eat different foods. Cutting cheeses out with tiny little cookie cutters becomes tedious and starts to bother my fingers after a while. The Pop Chef comes with the perfect shapes to make shaping food fun and easy!

Pop Chef comes with the top bulb, six shaped cutters (heart, star, circle, butterfly, flower, sun), 25 bamboo skewers, and a recipe book. You can use the cutters on hard and soft items up to two inches thick.
The cool part (that I wasn't expecting for some reason) is that there is a pop sound when you squeeze the bulb to pop the food out of the cutter.

I used the Pop Chef to cut out cheese, fruit, and bread for the girls. The nice cut pieces went mostly to V and Adri mostly got scraps. Haha! She's little and doesn't know the difference. I was surprised by how easily the dishwasher friendly plastic shapes were able to cut through anything. I wasn't sure they'd work on an apple, but I had no issues getting through. The one side note would be that even though I was easily able to cut out bread, since it's so porous, it doesn't just pop out, and you kind of have to fish it out.

Overall, I'm very happy with this product. Since we've been moving, I've only been able to use it for snacking purposes for the girls. Once we get into our new home, I'm looking forward to using my Pop Chef along with the skewers to make those beautiful fruit arrangements like the ones from Edible Arrangements. The included recipe book has some awesome ideas on what to use your pop chef for. Some cute ideas include: fondant on cakes, mini sandwiches, meat and/or cheese platters, cookie dough, pizza toppings, salads, fruit platters.

You can snag a Pop Chef of your own for only $10 plus S&H on their website. While you're there, be sure to watch the demo and see how easy Pop Chef is to use.

Love, Alex

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  1. I am always a sucker for infomercials too! They just always seem so handy and life changing!

  2. This is an awesome review of Pop Chef. I truly enjoyed studying information regarding such as seen on TV products. I'm looking forward to grab this one. Thanks for letting know.


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