Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2013 Recap

2013 was a whirlwind year for our family. We had so much going on, and hardly got a chance to settle. We did some traveling, moved twice, had a couple misfourtunes, but really, I can't complain. After all, Hubster came home from Afghanistan this year.

BTW, our wifi and cable will finally be set up today, so I'll be back to edit and add some photos shortly. 

Hubster came home after a deployment that was far too long. 
I had my first big mommy emergency when Veronica sliced her hand open and had to get stitches. 

The girls went to their first circus. 
We went to Miami and had our best friends baptize Adri at the same church my siblings and I were baptized at. 

We went to New York for our friends' wedding, in which Veronica was the flower girl.
I saw real snow for the first time in my life, at West Point. 
I got a KitchenAid stand mixer (life changing)!

We moved out of our home in Georgia. 
Took a trip down to Florida to hangout with family. 
Hubster and I went on an amazing Caribbean cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Honduras. 
Veronica turned three! 
We started the journey to Missouri

Hubster and I celebrated four years of marriage. 
We had a crap load of our belongings stolen from our vehicle almost as soon as we made it to Missouri. 
We house hunted, found a place, and moved in all in a eight-hour period. 

I thought we were all going to die due to tornados in the Midwest. 
The girls and I spent a lot of time outdoors between our backyard and the couple of parks around our house. 
Veronica started taking gymnastics classes. 

We spent 4th of July weekend in St. Louis with our Amry family
I started selling pre-made carepackages on Etsy. 

We bought a Keurig! Another life changing even made possible by a kitchen appliance. 
Hubster started playing on the softball team with his classmates. 
I made friends.  
Hubster and I went to the Military Police Ball at Fort Leonard Wood. 
I rediscovered my second love, Hobby Lobby. 

Hubster and I attended another ball for his class. 
Hubs graduated from the MP Captains Career Course at Fort Leonard Wood with the leadership award. 
We had to pull Veronica out of her awesome preschool, because we were moving. I cried. 
Once again, our stuff was packed up, and we hit the road to Florida. 
We spent two pool and boat-filled weeks with my parents in Miami. 
The girls went trick or treating around my parents' neighborhood. Not a single person on their block opened the door. 

We drove to Orlando to spend a week with Hubster's mom. 
After a far too long day of travel, we made it to Hawaii!
We did lots of beaching and exploring. 
The entire second half of the month was spent living in a hotel. 

The entire first half of the month was spent living in a hotel. 
Adri turn two! She started talking so much and basically mimicking everything that Veronica says or does. 
I had my first blate (kinda. We went to her house) and met Jen and her family. 
We finally got moved into a house.
We learned that our household goods were still in Missuori, and as of right now, they haven't left California on a boat yet. 
Caesar made it to Hawaii with only a minor scare. 
The girls were spoiled for Christmas. Hubster and I both got each other awesome gifts. 

Life is good. 

Love, Alex

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  1. Crazy year!!! But now you guys get to start this year off right, I mean Hawaii is not too shabby!! :)

  2. I made the list! Whoop!

    You had quite a busy year. :)

  3. Annnnnnnnd exhale. Whoo! Busy year, girl! I hope things slow down a bit and y'all can enjoy that beautiful island! Happy new year! I hope you HHGs arrive very very soon!!


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