Friday, December 13, 2013

The End is Near

We are so close to finally being out of this hotel! I went to the housing office earlier this week, after not hearing back from our leasing agent, and I got confirmation that we get to move in the 17th! I can not wait to be in my own space. And not have to worry about being woken up by housekeeping. Or the wild little animals that like to scream and run down the halls at night.

We went to dinner off-post last night, and when we were driving back, we saw police cars and a fire truck directly in front of our house. I freaked out thinking that the house had possibly caught fire and we wouldn't be able to move in for even longer. After realizing it was a car accident, I felt pretty guilty. Later on, Hubs got a phone call that it was a lady who had run a red light and hit a motorcycle. Thankfully, the guy on the motorcycle was still alive and transported to the hospital. The speed limit here is 25 mph, so I'm praying there wasn't any major damage to the guy on the bike.

Hopefully, our household goods will also arrive next week. Hubster called again yesterday to try to get an answer as to where our stuff was. It was still in Missouri. Originally, we had cancelled our express shipment because we realized that it would only be a difference of a few days between when our express and regular household goods would arrive. Well, the moving company was confused as to which shipment was cancelled and decided to just hold on to our stuff. FOR TWO MONTHS. No phone call or anything to try and figure it out.

The bright side is that we're still in the hotel and not in an empty house. The moving company said they'd be expediting our shipment and we could expect it next week, but I won't hold my breath. So hopefully, it won't be too much time until we have all of our stuff again. Hopefully.

Today I'll be helping some friends move into their new place. They arrived on the island Tuesday night, and already have a place. I've used several choice words to describe them. Jerks. At least this will be our last weekend, and we already have some plans. After our play blate, Jen invited us over for dinner this weekend. I miss home-cooked food!

Love, Alex

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  1. So that totally sucks about your household goods!!! But yay for getting into a house soon. Maybe you will be able to make it look all christmas-y :)

  2. Hopefully the HHGs actually come when they say they will. I would look into an inconvenience claim because you are seriously being inconvenienced!

  3. Oh goodness what a mess! Yay for being out of the hotel soon.

  4. wow! hope it all goes to plan this time. and wait...where did you all move to now? is it really Hawaii M and M? thought it was just a vacay?? enjoy dear!

  5. Oh, good grief! That is so ridiculous. I hope they actually do arrive soon, because seriously.... Holding onto all you HHG for 2 months?! I think I'd be seriously ticked. :P

  6. I hope you get your stuff soon! I always hated waiting for that.


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