Monday, December 2, 2013

Wishin' Accomplished

Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?! Aside from still being stuck in this hotel for part of the time, ours was wonderful! I'm so excited that I got all of my Christmas shopping done for the girls without having to set foot in a store.

We spent Thanksgiving in Waikiki at the Hale Koa. During the day, the girls did some swimming, and for dinner they had a nice buffet. We also jumped at the opportunity to spend the night in a different, much nicer hotel. Boy, do I miss that fluffy mattress.

Friday morning, Hubster and I woke up and comfortably browsed the ToysRUs website for gifts for the girls. We got an idea of what we wanted, and then headed down to the pool again. After checking out, we did some shopping around Waikiki and then headed back to our temporary home.

I set a budget of $200 for both girls, and I'm happy to say that we only went over by $25. I'm going to go ahead and blame ToysRUs shipping charges for that. Unfortunately, we learned that those free shipping deals don't apply to Hawaii, plus there was an extra shipping charge. Good thing for my Target REDcard. With it, I got an additional 5% off and actual free shipping.

The weekend brought crappy weather, which led to us staying mostly indoors. Boo. Hubster returns to work today and is taking the car with him, so we'll see if I decided to venture out with the girls in the stroller. I can't wait to finally move into our house and receive our belongings. I'm kinda bummed and jealous that everyone has their decorations out, and it'll still be a little bit until ours are up.

Love, Alex

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  1. That view.. amazing!

    I was done Christmas shopping but couldn't resist doing some online Black Friday shopping on Toys R Us! Those shipping charges here in the states are ridiculous so I can only imagine how bad they are for you guys.

  2. What a beautiful view for your Thanksgiving! I can related to not having your stuff and really wanting to decorate and get ready for the holidays. Do you know about how long you'll have to wait? Hopefully not too long!

  3. I was wondering how the shipping costs would effect you. :( glad you got it all done though!

  4. Wow what a gorgeous view you had! :)

  5. What a Thanksgiving view! And we aren't even going to put up our Christmas décor. Our household goods are getting picked up next week.

  6. Not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving at all :). I wasn't super impressed with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals but I still managed to get 80% of my shopping done.

  7. Boo shipping charges to hawaii and alaska!!! we never qualify for free shipping either. But I do happen to love my target red card as well. It is kind of sad that with all the shopping I did on black friday not much of it was for christmas.

  8. You did good! I work at Toys R Us and people buy about 500 dollars worth of items daily!

  9. Girl! Sign up for amazon prime! Best investment we ever made after moving to Hawaii. Free shipping...alway!


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