Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to School

Hallelujah! I finally went and got V enrolled in a daycare/preschool. We spent this morning over there hanging out so that we could both get an idea of how the class works. It took me a while to choose a school, because honestly, none of them were quite like the school she went to in Missouri. After spending some time in the classroom though, I definitely feel like we made the right choice.

Although the school isn't as academically focused as I would like, after observing, it does seem like they do a lot of learning focused play. There was a bunch of cute art hung up around the classroom, which means that soon, the walls of our home will decorated as well.

Since living in Hawaii is expensive as hell,  we only put V in school for two days. We'll see after a couple of months if we can afford to have her in school more frequently. We now receive a cost of living allowance, but since we live on-base, they take all of our housing allowance money. Adri is going to have to start going to school eventually also, which should be interesting, financially at least. That's a whole 'nother story though..

Maybe I should have put Adri in school and kept V at home with me. These terrible two's are awful!

Love, Alex

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  1. There's also a parent-led preschool at the YMCA on wheeler. I just heard about it the other day.

  2. Hopefully it goes well and she enjoys it. I've heard the cost of living there is insane.

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  4. It's pretty ridic that the cost of living is so high that pre-school is so expensive.

  5. We're enrolling in preschool this coming week. It's mostly for Molly, I'm not gonna lie. Ok, if I'm being COMPLETELY transparent, it's entirely for me. Molly is wearing. me. OUT.

  6. Hopefully V enjoys it as much as she did her other school -- and you get a bit of a break. Maybe the two's won't feel AS bad when she is getting your undivided attention for a few hours a week?!


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