Friday, January 24, 2014

Single and Ready to Mingle

Sorry to disappoint guys, but I am still very much taken. Today, I'm actually linking up over at Kelly's Korner in hopes of setting up a dear friend of mine.

I met Suzanne through blogging, maybe a year ago. She's a Carolina girl, so back when we lived in Georgia, we had hopes of getting together. Now that I'm in Hawaii, I'm sure she wouldn't mind a trip to paradise. 

Suze is the baby in her family at 20-something. She has a dog named Kate, and two adorable little nieces who she enjoys spoiling.

Like the true Southern girl that she is, Suze loves God, America, and sweet tea. How could you not like her already? Add to that her love of football, and she's definitely a winner! Last year, Suze helped me out by sending some baked goodies to my friend and his unit which was deployed in the Middle East. Her Papa served in the military during WWII, so she stands behind our troops.

My friend has had some rather interesting dating stories lately, so creepers need not apply. Suze is an extremely loyal and caring person, who is willing to relocate. And if you're lucky, she'll cook and share her wine with you.

Feel free to email me if interested, and I'll forward her your info! (:

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  1. Not going to lie when I first saw this I was like….wait a minute…isn't she married? wait just another minute…isn't she pregnant? haha!!

  2. The title totally threw me off! haha I thought exactly what Kelsey did!

    Well, I hope she finds someone good.


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