Friday, January 3, 2014

Being Present

Be present. It's a phrase that I saw in many blog posts as a resolution for the new year. After reading some of these posts, I decided that it was probably something that I needed to work on as well. In an effort to be a better wife and mother, I need to be more present. I need to put the phone down and play with the girls when they want to play. After all, most of my emails aren't particularly urgent, and I only have a few more years before my kids hate me.

Yesterday, I decided to start fresh. Once everyone had finished breakfast, I got on YouTube and searched for a yoga video for beginners. Naturally, I just clicked the first one, which was 20 minutes of awesome. I thought the girls would join in like they've done in the past, but obviously, nothing in my life ever works out like I think it will. Even with children and animals crawling over me, I felt mostly relaxed and refreshed.

After yoga, I took a shower. When I became a mom, taking a shower became more of a luxury, and less of an everyday thing. Yeah, I'm gross. Well, I've decided that I can probably spare 45 minutes a day on myself. The hot water just feels too good! My shower was only interrupted by one screaming child, so once I was finished and dressed, I was ready to focus all of my attention on my little humans. 

I threw a few quarters in my pocket, and we headed over to the PX. We literally live right across the street, so we walked, which is much cooler than driving anyway. The girls rode some of those little quarter machines and got nasty candy from the dispensers. I did some shopping for a few things we needed, and then we headed home for lunch. 

The girls and I ate lunch together then spent a little bit of time relaxing in front of the TV before heading out to play with our new neighbors.The entire time, my cell phone was put away. It honestly wasn't that hard to partially disconnect and actually be there with my children.

This morning, I'll read a few blogs before doing some yoga again and hopefully starting the whole routine over. Only this time, I need to go to the commissary to pick up something for dinner. That should be loads of fun.

They'll always be my babies, but they'll only actually be babies for a little bit longer. I have to make an effort to let go of outside things, and focus more on my girls.

Love, Alex

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  1. This is awesome, and this is also my goal for this year. Just have fun…stop the day to day planning! I am glad you were able to throw a shower in there, that is one of the best luxuries! haha

  2. I've been feeling the same way. I'm trying to be more present too. :)

  3. I need to do the same thing! Today, at the doctor, the ped. was talking about L's sleep issues, and how maybe I should at least cut his naptimes down, if not eliminate them all together. My first thought was "But thats the only quiet time to myself I have ALL DAY LONG!" and then I thought "But they'll only be this little and fun for a little while longer!" Good for you, Mama!

  4. I know what you mean. I try to set aside time daily for my kids.

  5. Aww this is a great post! I need to be more present as well. Those dang phones suck you in! That's a great idea for the new year. I gotta jump on the present train too.

  6. This is always a great idea! Too bad my cat won't appreciate me setting aside time for her ;)

  7. I love being unplugged! When I was home with my parents, I put away the electronics just to spend time with them. Once the husband gets back, time with my parents will be shared with my husband too. I know they miss it when it was just me time. Haha!

  8. Being present is something I struggle with, too. Sometimes it's challenging to put the technology away. Best of luck to you as you work on being more present. :)


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