Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day

I was 25 the first time I saw snow. The girls are still toddlers and have already seen it twice. Sort of..

The first time we saw snow (Yes, we. The girls and I both experienced our first snow at the same time) it was mostly from a far. We were at a wedding in New York an mainly just drove through it.

For our second experience with snow, we actually got to get in there and play with it. Veronica's preschool brought in a truck load of ice and the kids got a chance to explore for a little. Although it wasn't on her normal class day, the three of us got to go and participate anyway in this fun event.

The school provided buckets and shovels for the children to play. One of the teachers also helped V and a few others  build a little snowman.

The girls had a great time, but in true Southern fashion, they complain that it was too cold. I was a tiny bit proud. I was so happy that the school put on this event, and I'm looking forward to everything else that they'll do in the next few years.

Love, Alex

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  1. 25? I was born in September in North Dakota, and it snowed the week after I was born, haha.

  2. I grew up in Illinois, and man, I remember hating going to school when it snowed! Always having to put on snow pants and huge puffy coats only to get to school and take it all off. haha

    Our city just brought in snow to a park last week.

  3. oh how fun! love the pics! snow is fun to play in!

  4. Awe, I'm glad she got to go! B did not like it, he refused to touch it. Poor kid.

  5. That is so cool that they did this! I bet they loved it!

  6. This is so fun! I didn't see snow until I was 12 when it snowed in Vegas haha.

  7. So cool to have snow in Hawaii! Sounds like a great preschool. :)


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