Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm pretty uninspired lately, so thanks Eloquent Rambles for the inspiration..

I am currently resolving to continue with my goal to do better this year. I'm not failing miserably yet, but I'm not as on track as I'd like to be..

I am currently anticipating our stuff being delivered next week! Hubster was finally able to speak to a person from the moving company yesterday, and they said it should be here on Monday. I don't 100% believe them, but lets all keep our fingers and toes crossed.

I am currently eating Lucky Charms with my little animals. Be jealous. Unfortunately, they got to the box sometime while I wasn't paying attention and picked out most of the marshmallows.

I am currently making not a damn thing. I can't tell you how excited I am to get some of my housewife appliances back next week. The first few things that I plan on unpacking are my KitchenAid stand mixer, Cricut, and sewing machine. It's been far to long since I've cut paper.

I am currently remembering all of the things that I need to do today. We've made a bit of a mess with our stuff all over. I need to clean up, get some loads of laundry done before they take our loaner machines, move the stuff that we're getting rid of.

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Love, Alex

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  1. Fingers crossed that you get your stuff!!!

  2. Hope you get your stuff very soon!

    Mmm, Lucky Charms..

  3. Sometimes doing nothing is the best! haha. I bet you can't wait to have normal life back with all your belongings.

  4. Correction: you are currently making a baby.

  5. I hope your stuff gets here soon, it must be so stressful.

  6. loved it and thanks for the shot out! I hope you stuff gets there too! With kids it is kind of expected that they will go through and pick out the marshmallows...silly cute ones they are!

  7. Really, really, really hoping your stuff comes!


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