Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boy or A Girl?

Tomorrow afternoon is my anatomy ultrasound! Aside from measuring all of the little pieces of our munchkin, we'll also be finding out the gender. At my 12 week ultrasound, the tech gave us an idea of what she thought the baby was, but it'll be interesting to see if everything stayed the same. I thought it would be fun to share some gender-predicting wives tales and compare how those predictions worked out when it came to Veronica and Adriana. Both of which are girls, by the way..

Heart Rate: They say that if the baby's heart beat is below 140 beats per minute, it's a boy. Above that, it's a girl. This time, we've consistently been in the 150's and 160's. Veronica: girl, Adri: girl, Baby 3: girl

Mother's Beauty: If you're plagued with acne and other skin blemishes, it's supposedly because your baby girl is stealing your beauty. I've had great skin (and hair) each time. Veronica: boy, Adri: boy, Baby 3: boy

Cravings: Craving sweets is supposed to indicate that you're having a girl, while craving salty treats is indicative of a boy. I'm a sucker for sweets, all the time. This time around all I want is a Whopper. Veronica: girl, Adri: boy (sand counts as salty, right?) Baby 3: boy

Morning Sickness: Apparently, mommas of boys don't have to deal with morning sickness. Or those fun hormones in the teenage years.. I've gotten progressively better at dealing with morning sickness since Veronica, it's definitely still there though. At least in the first trimester. Veronica: girl, Adri: girl, Baby 3: girl

Chinese Gender Predictor: This is a fun one. The Chinese have a calendar that is supposed to predict the gender of your baby based on your age at conception and month that you conceived in. Supposedly, it's 90% accurate. I won't get my hopes up just in case it works like the Mayan calendar. Veronica: girl, Adri: girl, Baby 3: boy


High or Low: If the baby is carrying high, it's supposed to be a girl. If you carry low, it's a boy. I honestly can't remember what it was like with V or Adri. I'm not showing much yet, but everything seems to be pretty low. Baby 3: boy

So, predictions? Come back on Monday, to find out what we're having!

Love, Alex

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  1. So exciting! :) Can't wait to hear what that precious baby is. :)

  2. I vote BOY!!! :D Ah I can't wait till you find out for reals!!

  3. I used the Chinese gender predictor with my pregnancy and it said we were having a girl. But, nope, we definitely had a son. :) This was fun to read, but I'll add one more prediction for you: in college, I remember learning in some class that if your first two children are the same gender your chances of Baby #3 being the same gender increase to about 66%.

  4. I'm going to guess girl given the track record.

    The Chinese gender predictor was the only "old wives tales" that was correct.

    You know what was really accurate for me? My sex drive. I barely wanted anything to do with sex while pregnant with my daughter and while I was pregnant with my son I couldn't get enough. Just a little food for thought. ;) Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Hmm, one friend has two boys, so baby #3 was a boy. One friend has two girls, and #3 was a boy. My vote is another girl.

  6. Since the Chinese gender calendar says boy, I'm going with boy! (It was right for all three of mine!)

  7. I'm thinking all signs point to another beautiful little girl! {And the sand craving with Adri was probably a mild case of PICA ... an iron deficiency! Same thing goes for clay, dirt, ice, etc.}

  8. So exciting!! Can't wait to hear!! :)

  9. The Chinese chart was right for both my kids. It says girl this time for me and that's why I think I'm having. I can't wait to find out!

  10. All of these were wrong for my kids! haha. The only thing my OB ever told me was, it is the opposite of what the mom thinks. No idea why he ever said that, I think because with Ace I had dreams I was having a girl. But then I also dreamt I gave birth to a who the hell knows!! LOL

    I can't wait to hear the results!

  11. I have to guess girl too.The Chinese chart makes me want to say boy but I'm not all that convinced. Cant' wait to hear!

  12. I still say BOY!!!! Cannot wait to know! ahhhh


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