Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Can't Complain

I started typing up today's post, and then I got annoyed with myself and what I was typing. It was going to be a long complaint. Well, I hate reading about other people's complaints, and I really need want to stop bringing that negativity to my blog.

So, I'm going to mention this once, and then hopefully get over it and not mention it again.

Hubster won't be able to make it to my ultrasound on Friday. I scheduled it around his schedule, but of course in the Army, things come up. I was mostly disappointed, because he's always had the flexibility to make it to anything I've needed him to be at, but in actuality, it could be worse.

The positives:
  • I was able to get a friend to watch the girls. Hubs was supposed to drop them off at daycare, which didn't open until the same time as my appointment, so he was just going to meet me there. 
  • He isn't a continent away getting shot at. 
Now I just have to decide how I want to find out. Either I can find out at the ultrasound, on my own, and then surprise Hubster -or- I can do it so that we find out together, later on. And by later on, I mean that night when the husband gets home.

Knowing that this baby is our last (hopefully), makes it a little bit of a big deal. What do you guys think? 

Also, happy Founder's Day to my lovely Phi Mu sisters!

Love, Alex

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  1. awe man, it would be fun to do a little surprise for him, but that's if he is okay with you knowing first. i was lucky the only ultrasound my husband got to go to was our 20 week one. so we both found out then luckily, or else i would have made him not know the sex just like i wanted to not know. lol

  2. If you wanted to be surprised with him - if you have the time - get the ultrasound tech to write the gender on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope, take that to a baker and ask them to make a small cake for you guys with the gender as the inner color of icing between the layers. Then you guys have a yummy dessert for that evening and you both get surprised together :) Or you could find out and then decorate your house with little indicators of what gender the baby will be before he gets home.

  3. Hmmm, for me, it would depend on how y'all found out the last times. If he's never been surprised, it might be a nice way to close it off! Karen's suggestion is cool too!!

  4. If it were me, I would find out then decorate the house in either pink or blue so when we walks in it's like BAM! SURPRISE! haha

  5. Bummer that he won't be there on Friday!

  6. it always sucks when you get disappointed. I'm sorry!

  7. I like Amanda's comment about decorating the house! Maybe you could set up a camera to capture his expression.

  8. I think your gender reveal idea would be PERFECT for a surprise!

  9. I am one that likes to find out together. I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret if I knew before him, but the ideas listed above are great ones if you want to surprise him.

  10. I think you guys should find out together, especially if this is going to be your last. The cake reveal idea is always cute!

  11. Finding out together sounds so sweet!

  12. If I found out before my husband I would have ended up texting him before I could surprise him with the news ! But that's just me. But there are so many cute ways you could surprise him with the gender reveal.

  13. I know that it is probably hard to think about the fact that he can't be there. I'm not sure how I would react in that situation. But I also think it would be kind of cute for you to find a clever way to do a gender reveal for him and only him. Make it somewhat special between the two of you. You know he can't be there so it's not worth making yourself more upset by that fact. Find some cool way to show him that you are having another ... dun dun dun :)
    Love you mama!


  14. Tom hasn't been able to make it to our last couple appointments so I know how you feel! It was hard hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time without him! And that is something you just can't describe!


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