Monday, April 7, 2014


As I mentioned last week in my pregnancy update, the husband and I are having a bit of trouble coming up with a middle name for our newest bundle of joy. Not only are we super picky, but Hubster is convinced that we have to follow this pattern, that all of our names already have. So, I'm hoping that maybe you all might be able to help us come up with an acceptable middle name for Baby J.

We decided to name Number 3 something that started with a J after Hubster's name. I don't ever mention my husband's name on the blog, so you're in for a double reveal today. I'm sure if you follow me anywhere on social media, you've probably seen me mention his name. He's John. Johnny is never going to get a little Johnny named after him, so for that reason, Baby J is Baby J.

Since we're both Hispanic, we also decided that for our kids, we wanted names that worked in both English and Spanish. The same goes for middle names. My name kinda fits in that rule, although most of the country seems to have a problem pronouncing Alejandra. If my dad from Iowa can do it, everyone else should be able to. Luckily, the people of Hawaii have my back when it comes to that.

Now, John's little "rule" is that all names have to end in A. The fact that it happened with both girls and myself is completely accidental. And actually, I had to fight to get Veronica's middle name to end with A, because he wanted to name her something else that didn't even flow.

With all of that being said, our names are:

Alejandra Emilia
Veronica Isabela
Adriana Sofia

And Baby J will be:


I don't love that both her and Adri will end with an "ana", but I do really love the name. It's not often that I use Adri's full name, and we've already started referring to Juliana just as Juli, so it probably doesn't even really matter. All we need now is a middle name.

I'd be eternally grateful for any suggestions for a middle name for Juliana that fits the criteria (ends in A and works in English and Spanish) and flows nicely. (:

Love, Alex

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  1. I like your autocorrect typo in your 3rd paragraph. :) I knew it would be Juliana when you mentioned it being a J name! I say go with Gabriella as a middle!

  2. LOVE! I had that name on my list for Maddie but I lost the name battle with her. Beautiful name!

  3. I love the name Juliana!!! So beautiful. But as for middle names I'm lost too.

  4. I love it! I think its such an awesome way to tie you all together in a special way, too :) The only names that pop up in my mind are: Maria, Olivia, and Katrina. Or maybe you could use your first name as her middle name since she's getting her J from John?

  5. I love Juliana! For the middle name I like Valentina or Mia :)

  6. Beautiful names!! How about Livia or Iliana for the middle name?

  7. Love her name!!
    What about Lucia, Natalia, Maria?

  8. Lisa. Problem solved. You're welcome.

  9. I like Mia, Maria, Elena, Luna, or Amalia. Personally, I think Luna is kick ass.


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