Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Military Children

I'm pretty late in the game to be posting about my kids and Month of the Military Child, but I sort of wanted to wait until after we celebrated Veronica's birthday to be able to comment on that. April 30, still counts as April.

I have to start off by saying that my girls are effing rock stars. No matter where the Army has taken us, they've been able to adapt with ease. Veronica has lived in four different houses in her four short years of life and at the age of two, Adri has already lived in three different states. They've dealt with daddy being gone for extended periods of time. They're growing up far from family with FaceTime as their main source of communication. Since it's the only way of life they've ever known, there are no complaints.

Just a few days ago was Veronica's birthday. Since John was away doing Soldier things, we postponed the birthday celebrations a little bit. Luckily, V is still young enough not to notice. A few years ago, Christmas was also postponed for about a week, when John when over that 365 day mark in Afghanistan. Did it suck? It did for me, but for the girls, it was like Christmas as usual. Daddy came home and they got to open gifts.

Along with the challenges faced as the child of a service member, there are so many positive aspects. My favorite being that V has learned a ton of geography. She can name and identify on a map all of the states that we've lived in. She even knows Louisiana now, since that's where Hubs just came back from. They've been afforded the opportunity to travel the entire country. Once we're done with the military, they'll have the memories of living in Hawaii and wherever else we end up. The little nugget will even get to say she was born in Hawaii.

It can suck at times, but I've learned that military kids are resilient. They've learned to be able to bounce back and embrace the constant changes in their lives. I'm so proud of my girls and I hope that the next four or 10 or 15 years can go as smoothly as the past four (or two and a half if you're Adri). I know that if John does stay in for another 10 years, adapting will become increasingly difficult with age, but I'm glad that so far, we've had a successful start.

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Love, Alex

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  1. Military kids really are resilient, though at times I really miss that whole "family lives close by" thing. We had family in last week and my kids were in heaven!

  2. Love you all! Yes, military kids are resilient and good travelers too! i loved your photo on top and the "Exchange bag" so military of you all :) Glad Veronica had a good birthday!

  3. I loved growing up as an Air Force brat. We get to experience a lot of things that non-military kids never can!

  4. They are amazing right!!! And my husband just got back from Louisiana too!!! Ace looked on his map every night and said "so we in alaxa and dad in lousinana" so cute!

  5. Great post! Military kids are resilient. I was one, and I think it's made me a stronger person.

  6. I love this post! Great kids you have!

  7. Much respect to you for all you do a military wife AND mama. On the nights my hubby works late and I feel the stress of single parenting I quickly remember moms like you that do the job solo for months on end. Great post!

  8. Love your photos and your little rockstars!


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