Thursday, May 1, 2014

Five Years

It all started at a lunch date with a different guy. As a senior sorority girl, I was on the hunt for a fraternity little brother. One of my actual little brother's high school friends seemed like the perfect choice, so I forced him into getting lunch with me on campus. Lucky for me, he brought a couple of his weirdo fraternity brothers. My sorority had done a bunch of events with this fraternity in the past, but since they were the "nerdy" group, I purposely skipped out on ALL of those events.

Not too long after the lunch date, fraternity rush started. I also happened to be in the running for homecoming queen at the time. In an exchange for bringing girls to the fraternity house, one of the nerdy boys promised votes. Yay for being forced to go rep the loser frat. At one of the rush events, one of the previously mentioned weirdo brothers insisted on chatting with me. He was the big brother of the kid that I also wanted as a little brother. Could this be my way in to big sister land?

It was! I got an amazing little brother along with a random number texting me. I entertained these texts for a while, and started hanging out more at the fraternity house. My best friend insisted that I give the weirdo, who was slightly older than average college age, a chance. It took some serious convincing, but we started hanging out, and he actually wasn't that bad. Eventually, weirdo kid became boyfriend. He was in ROTC, and although I had no idea what that meant, he sure did look sexy in his Soldier uniform.

Fast forward to the spring semester. The boy was set to graduated and commission with orders to Fort Lewis, Washington, while I still had one more painful semester left in Miami. He was literally going to be across the country. While I guess a long distance relationship could have worked, it wasn't something I was overly excited about. So, at the ROTC's end of the year dining out, and only six months into our relationship, John asked me to marry him and leave behind my flip flops and warm weather for Washington. 

Originally, the plan was to wait until after I graduated and get married in December or January. Some how between April 2, when he proposed, and May 1, when we got married, plans changed. I'll be honest. Some of it had to do with benefits and extra pay. Either way, I was going to be in school and living with the parentals until December/January, and we were going to get married anyway, so why not sign some papers a few months early, and then plan a big event for some other time. So romantic, I know.

On May 1, 2009 Johnny and I tied the knot. It was a small-ish ceremony at my parent's house. And by small-ish I mean some family and sorority sisters and an entire fraternity. In the end, it ended up being a drunken frat party, but I would not have had it any other way. Our wedding was far from traditional and I'm quite happy with that.

Five years later and things are still going wonderfully. We have two beautiful little girls with another on the way. I have an amazing husband who loves me no matter what craziness comes out of my mouth. He puts up with my lack of organization and my off the wall ideas like cloth diapering. I'm so happy to have found my love and taken the chance of jumping into marriage. Five down, 75 to go.

I love you Bubby!

Love, Alex

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  1. Happy Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more wonderful years together. :)

  2. Awwwee! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  3. Happy anniversary! Every good marriage involves drunk sorority girls :)

  4. Aw so sweet! Happy Anniversary and here's to another awesome five years.

  5. Aww I love this story! So different but those are the best and ones that last. Happy anniv!


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