Saturday, May 3, 2014

28 Week Bumpdate

I had my 28 week prenatal appointment on Thursday, and I'm so thrilled with how well it went. I had a ton of questions for my doctor, which he spent a great amount of time answering for me. I'm fairly certain that my appointment cut far into the following appointment.

Up to this point, I've gained just over 25 pounds. Even when I forget to take my blood pressure pills, my blood pressure has been well within a normal range. The results from my glucose screening came back perfectly. The limit for that is 130 and my levels were in the 70s. I was pretty excited about that since I've always had to do the repeat three hour test. Basically, the doctor told me that everything looked great and to continue doing what I was doing. So I came home and had two cupcakes for breakfast.

Several of my questions were related to my blood pressure issue and how it would affect the rest of the pregnancy. When I first started my pregnancy appointments, they labeled me as high-risk and said that I'd had to come from extra appointments. For now, the doctor said that everything could continue on as if it were a normal pregnancy. I will get to continue having monthly growth ultrasounds to make sure that Juliana is developing as she should be.

I've been feeling Juli moving a ton lately. She's still most active at bedtime though. At the appointment, the doctor also pointed out that I'm one of the 20% of women who can't lie flat on their backs without suffocating their baby, so she's most active when I'm lying on my side.

I haven't had any issues with sleep other than I'm still tired when I wake up in the morning. For a while, I've been staying up later to take care of blog or care package stuff, but I need to cut that out.

I'm no longer fitting in my fat jeans, so I've pretty much had to completely switch to maternity clothes. I've bought a few skirts that work for pregnancy and should fit without a belly and I plan to do that same with some dresses.

Friday I had one of those monthly growth ultrasounds, and for the most part, everything looked great. We got some amazing views of the baby's face and she definitely has the same nose and lips as Adri.

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Love, Alex

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  1. Glad to hear y'all are doing so well!

  2. So happy everything is going well. So excited for you! =]

  3. I love when Doctor's take the time to answer all of the questions that you have, that's awesome :) Happy to hear that things are going well!

  4. Sweet, sweet little one! Happy to hear that the pregnancy is going so well!

  5. So glad things are going well! :)

  6. That's so awesome things are going great. One less thing to worry about right?


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