Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First, Second, Third

My poor Juliana. Third child syndrome has hit hard. The kid might never own a new anything until she is old enough to go out and purchase it for herself. The oldest sibling in me didn't believe that third child syndrome could happen to me, but believe me people, it's happening. It's just so much easier (and cheaper) to do the hand me down thing from sibling to sibling. History is repeating itself, and much like my sister, who knows if Juli will even get a baby book.

Yesterday, we finally got around to setting up V's new bed. I took apart the convertible crib that's been scratched up throughout our couple of moves and put the pieces and old bedding in Adri's  room, which she'll be sharing with the new baby. Off to Target Adri and I went to buy a brand new full-sized bed set and all the fun little matching accessories for Veronica's new big girl room.

After moving everything around Adri has V's old crib mattress (since it was a much nicer one than what she had) and Juli is going to get V's old bed and Adri's old crib mattress. Lucky little lady she is. But at least V (now Juli) has the higher quality Babies R Us stuff, versus Adri's second child syndrome Walmart bedding.

When it comes to clothes, Juliana is once again going to get the short end of the stick. I've been overwhelmed trying to finish sorting the boxes of baby clothes that we have. For now, I refuse to buy any new articles of clothing for Juliana. Most everything we own is in pretty decent condition, and it's not like she'll notice that my favorite pieces are a bit more faded than the others.

Hopefully I'll remember to jot down milestones in Juliana's book (I haven't completely succeeded with Adri's), but at this point, I think she'll be lucky if she even makes it to her well-baby check ups and I remember to take pictures of her height and weight.

I feel slightly guilty, but I know in the end, the baby of the family comes out winning. I still hate my sister for not having to deal with a curfew and the insanely strict parents that I grew up with.

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Love, Alex

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  1. ahahaha Maddie has all hand me downs. It's just so much easier and saves so much!

  2. I'm the younger of two, and the only new things I got were my own prescription glasses and a bike (but not after I had two of my sister's old ones). That and the inevitable matching outfits my parents bought us for family photos.

  3. I am the oldest girl so I totally feel bad for my younger sisters. Pierce has gotten some hand me downs when he was first born. But now he is the same size as Ace so for the most part they share the new stuff. We have used the same crib all along since we co sleep for the most part. And Avalon is our first girl so she got all a ton of new stuff. But mom guilt is alive and kicking over here still!

  4. My second has all hand me downs. I feel bad, but money is tight and she doesn't know the difference. I don't have a baby book for the second one. I did make a Google doc, though, so I could at least write down the important dates. Maybe one day I will turn it into a baby book.

  5. Haha aww. She is going to be just as amazing and awesome.

  6. Hand Me Downs are fine!

    I always forgot to write in the baby books.

  7. hahaha, I love that ecard. there are definitely times Simon has 3rd child syndrome, but other times he gets his own stuff because I can't resist!

  8. This third baby will be sleeping in the same crib with the same bedding as B. Poor kid. Adri is lucky you got a crib just for her! Wouldn't have happened in my house. LOL


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