Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Thoughts

I had two different ideas for really great posts today, but when it actually came time to sit and type, my head was killing me, so for now, you're just getting whats on my mind at the moment.

  • I literally just discovered that I could use emojis on my MacBook. Wow. Edit > Special Characters, for those of you as clueless as I am. 🙀😃😘
  •  I forgot to go grocery shopping before payday, so now I'm thinking the pantry might just sit empty until after the weekend. I can not stand grocery shopping here on or just after payday. If I can make some last minute meal out of scraps for dinner tonight, we'll probably be fine with just eating out over the weekend.
  • John is currently sitting next to me still searching for property in the Caribbean. HGTV has him convinced that this is what we should do. Also, when the TV isn't on ESPN it's on HGTV. Should I be worried?
  • I'm making breakfast for John and a friend this morning after their commander murders them on some run up hill with sandbags. Most of you will likely be eating lunch by the time this happens. 
  • Pregnancy is killing my back. It happens every time. I can't sit for too long or my back hurts. I'm also starting to be exhausted all the time again. On the bright side, we're officially 3/4 of the way done.
  • I'm pretty sure I've lost half of my IQ since graduating college. Even if I wanted to pursue my master's, I'm not convinced I'd be able to read anything more challenging than a Dr. Seuss book.
  • Two of Hubster's fraternity brothers are coming to visit in about three weeks. I'm beyond excited. I say that now.. Going to have to attempt to keep up the energy to play tourist for an entire week. It'll be cool to finally do some touristy stuff though.
  • Too many damn bullet points. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I can find time to schedule some blog stuff.

  • Love, Alex

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    1. Happy Friday!

      I had no idea about emojis on the Macbook. Awesome. I'll check it out.

      I don't blame you for not wanting to go grocery shopping on payday weekend. Eek.

    2. Haha I feel the same way. I used to be smart..and then Mom Brain took over and I'm not sure I could complete even an algebra class nowadays. I should have done my masters after college! Kicking myself now!

    3. Oh man! If college goes the common core route, you'll be screwed anyways!! I saw a video on facebook this morning doing a simple math problem of 32-20=12 and wow! I was confused after just seeing that problem! I don't think I could even go back to 3rd or 4th grade!

    4. Happy Friday!

      We went to Costco a few days ago and are stocked for a good month. I hate grocery shopping though.

    5. I went shopping yesterday because like you I forgot to send the husband a list before payday. Oops! But I went at 8:55am. The golden time to go! There were maybe 4 people in the commissary.

    6. I love using the emojis on my computer. :)

    7. I feel the same way about my brain power after college. Sometimes I worry that my brain is turning to mush! And my back is already killing me- I'm worried if it's this bad already. Hang in there mama!!

    8. I am pretty sure I have lost IQ points as well. I couldn't even do simple math the other day.

    9. So what's this about buying property in the Caribbean? On an unrelated note, are you looking to adopt a 25 year old? :)

    10. I definitely hate when I have in mind what I want my post to say and then when I get to the point of typing it all out. It's all gone. Got to hate that.

    11. Had no idea about the emojis on the computer! And I would love to move in with you once you obtain this Caribbean property!

    12. I wish I could use emojis on the computer... I will literally switch to my ipad or phone sometimes to use them.


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