Thursday, May 8, 2014

You're Doing OK, Mom

As a mom, often times it’s difficult to know whether or not you’re doing a good job.

When you first bring your little bundle home from the hospital and you can’t figure out why they’re still crying after you’ve tried everything, it’s easy to feel like you’re failing.

The process seems to repeat itself when they hit the terrible twos. Tantrums and endless crying happening all over again. Only now, it happens in public and you get resentful glances from strangers. Once again, it’s easy to feel as though you’re failing.

And then they grow a little. They’re starting to learn their colors and shapes and ABCs. But as moms, we worry if they’re learning enough and if they’re on the same level as their peers. Am I doing enough to prepare them for school?

Then there are the times when you’re snuggling and everything in the world seems to be perfect. Their sweet little kisses give you the reassurance that you need to know that you are in fact doing a great job.

Just the other day, Adri and I were sitting around on my bed when she turned to me and said, “You’re my best friend, mom.” I died a little on the inside. It’s moments such as those that reassure me that I’m doing a decent job as a parent. Or like right now that I have a toddler softly brushing my hair as I type.

Parenthood certainly doesn’t always seem perfect, but there are always special moments to reassure us that things are in fact  going as close to perfectly as they can.

If you’re feeling mushy, take a look at this video or follow this link to view it on YouTube. Warning: it’s one of those mommy tearjerkers. For each view of the “You’re doing OK, Mom,” JOHNSON’S® Baby’s social initiative to donate $1 to Save the Children®. Save the Children® is an organization that gives children around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommas out there tackling this crazy life the best way you know how. You’re doing OK, Mom.

Love, Alex

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  1. Is that baby V? Adorable!

  2. Ahh those sweet faces! Kids always seem to know just what to say at the right moment though, don't they?!

  3. I just love this so much!

  4. They're still alive. You're doing just fine.

  5. This made me choke up and I'm not even a mom!

  6. This is too sweet! And you are doing a great job mama! Happy early mothers day!


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