Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Busy Day

Since Adri and I started the mommy & me gymnastics class last week, Tuesdays have become our busy day.

The day begins with the unpleasant sound of my alarm going off. I'll get the girls up and get them dressed. V's school outfit has already been chosen, but I'll have to pick out something for Adri to wear (I should really just do it the night before). While V is taking care of herself, I'll help Adri out with little things like brushing her teeth.

In an effort to save us some time with breakfast, I made these banana oatmeal muffins last night. I had a few last night, and ermahgerd! They're SO good! Once we head out, there's no turning back. Adri will have a muffin in the car and V gets fed at school. As soon as we drop V off, we'll be on our way to gymnastics! After gymnastics is errand time, and hopefully we'll be home in time for lunch and a nap.

As I was baking, I  started to think about what other things I could possibly do to try and save myself time in the mornings and throughout the day. I think Monday night muffins will probably become part of my weekly routine. I quickly got it done between dinner and bath time. It only takes a few minutes to throw everything in the mixer and then into the oven anyway..

I've been building up my stash of freezer meals for when Juliana gets here. I wish I had the ability to spend a day putting dishes together, but I don't. Slowly but surely it's getting done. I know that's going to save a bunch of time once we have a newborn around. It would be fantastic if Hubs could just cook, but with his schedule, it would mean that some nights we wouldn't be eating until like 8 pm.

I feel like I'm on a roll now, and need to find some more time saving tips. With the muffins, I have breakfast not only for today, but for the rest of the week as well. My next goal might be to put together smoothie packets that I can just dump into the blender each morning. That's probably easier said that done.

Do you have any time saving tips that I can steal?

Love, Alex

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  1. I freeze yogurt in ice cube trays for smoothies. Then you don't have to water it down with ice but it makes it nice and cold and creamy! I so need to start planning to make some freezer meals.

  2. Breakfast burritos are also a quick option.

  3. Great idea!! My kids love muffins! My husband does his own smoothies for the morning. He just puts frozen fruit in baggies in the freezer and in the morning throws them in the blender with some almond milk and protein. My boys really like that too!

  4. I love making homemade nutri grain bars, they are a quick easy breakfast or snack item.

  5. I wish I had planned ahead better when I had my kids! Man, it would have made meal time a lot easier. But I did a lot of things for dinner -- like homemade spaghetti sauce, or chicken pot pie filling, and then froze that up. Its easy to heat up the sauce and boil noodles with a baby in one arm, or dump the pie filling into a premade frozen pie shell and top it, etc.

  6. Mm, love muffins!

    My kids mainly just have cereal in the morning.

  7. I like to make a bunch of pancakes and waffles, and then freeze them. They are quick to make on those rushed mornings. I let my youngest eat it in the car if we are in a hurry.


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