Thursday, May 15, 2014

Say Adios to Diapers - Part 2

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As promised, I am back with a second potty training related post. In the first Say Adios to Diapers post, I touched on some potty training tips that I think helped get Veronica potty trained. This post will be all about what we plan to do differently when it comes to Adriana.

I’ve mentioned several times before that Adri is in cloth diapers. It’s sort of my practice run for when Juliana gets here. Even though she is in cloth diapers, we keep a pack of Pull-Ups around the house for several different reasons. Many parents prefer to use disposables such as Pull-Ups instead of cloth at night to avoid any leakage issues. They're much easier to travel in, and when rashes happen, its safe to use diaper cream in Pull-Ups.

When it comes to potty training this time around, I feel like we’ll be taking a more relaxed approach. V wasn’t even two yet when we started practicing going potty on the toilet. It took until she was three and a half before she was fully potty trained. I have no desire to deal with that again. Adri has shown some interest, but it hasn’t been consistent, so I’m not going to force it.

We still have the toddler-sized potty, which is housed in the girls’ bathroom. Anytime Adri does use the toilet, she receives a mini celebration. No candy rewards this time although we have added some fun incentives to the mix.

Through the Pull-Ups website, we’re able to include fun activities into the potty training routine. Even though V is potty trained, she gets a kick out of some of these such as FaceTime with Cinderella. If you need progress chart, there is a free printable one that allows you to include your child’s name and your own customizable accomplishments. I can’t forget about the Big Kid App, which allows your toddler to enjoy Pull-Ups fun on the go.  

If you’re currently in the potty training phase, I encourage you to visit the Pull-Ups website. Along with a variety of activities for your little one, they offer resources to help you as a parent with potty training. You can also click for a Pull-Ups coupon. Potty training can be a challenge, but with Pull-Ups helping along the way, the journey doesn’t seem so tough.

Love, Alex

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