Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Annnd it's Monday again. Why does it always feel like the weekend flies by no matter how long it is? John took leave after returning from JRTC last week, so even though our "weekend" was five days long, it went by much quicker than the typical five day week. Hopefully these next five days pass by just as quickly.

While Hubster was home, we spent a good amount of time beaching. Let me tell you, we needed it! Living in Hawaii is nice, but unless you're taking advantage of the surroundings, it can be just as dull as any other military town. Three beach days in the span of five days definitely made me appreciate having the opportunity to live in paradise.

Wednesday: It was the first time that John got to go watch Veronica do gymnastics. From gymnastics, we headed straight to one of my favorite beaches on the North Shore. We spent a good amount of time catching rays and building castles, before heading into town for Thai food. My parents used to eat Thai takeout all the time and I thought it was the grossest thing. I've had it twice now in the past month or two, and I love the stuff!

Thursday: Anniversary day! I actually spent the majority of the day away from Hubster. He dropped V off at school while I had my 28 week check up. From there he went on a man-date and I went with a friend to get a pedicure and do some anniversary shopping. Oops, I suck at gifts. After school, we dropped V and Adri off at a friend's house and went on a date to Top of Waikiki, a revolving restaurant. It was such a fun experience!

Friday: Another beach day. The weather in the Schofield area was crappy, so we packed up and headed to the other side of the island. We've been wanting to check out Hanauma Bay since we got here, and finally had a chance. It's known for it's amazing snorkeling views, but unfortunately, since it was kind of cloudy I wasn't feeling the full submersion thing. I may have also been afraid of being disappointed by the reefs. We've gone on multiple snorkeling excursions on cruises and have always kind of been let down. After growing up in South Florida, and my dad always owning a boat, I've seen some remarkable reefs. Nothing else has ever compared. Hubs had a nice time snorkeling and saw a bunch of fun fish though. I'm sure we'll go back another time.

Saturday: One of Hubster's friends was heading to training for a month in California, so he threw a Tres de Mayo party. The boys drank plenty while the kids made a mess and the wives lounged around. They made this frozen lemonade + beer drink that I tried a sip of, and I can't wait to make when I'm not pregnant anymore. It was freaking delicious, and I'm sure very dangerous.

Sunday: After a crazy Saturday night, the plan was to have a nice crepe breakfast/brunch and head to the beach. I'm lazy in the morning and we didn't make it out for crepes in time for breakfast. Instead, we decided to do the beach first and then get crepes as a late lunch. Only the crepe place closed long before we were done at the beach. This was our first time going to the beach in Kailua, and we instantly fell in love. The sand was so much softer than anywhere else on the island, and the water temp and wave size were perfect. We ended up getting burgers just before heading home. At home everyone crashed for nap time, followed by a shower and bedtime shortly after. Yay for sleep!

I apologize for not visiting a single blog last week. Now that Hubs is back to work, I'll be attempting to catch up. Or I might just mark them all as read in Bloglovin' and start fresh.

Love, Alex

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  1. Love all the beach photos! So fun!

  2. What a great long weekend! I was nodding my head when I read your line about taking advantage of the area. Now that I'm getting settled in San Diego, this could totally just be another military town if I weren't adamant about visiting the beaches & other areas!

  3. Ahhh the beach is the best and the beaches there look so pretty!

  4. I want to go to the beach!!! We are starting to warm up here in the tundra, and the neighbors pulled out their slip n slide yesterday. haha! It was all of 60 degrees out!

  5. You are living the life, girl! So much beach, so much fun! Enjoy!

  6. Cant go wrong with all the beach days! Happy anniversary!

  7. What a fun extra-long weekend! It's always so nice to have a husband off work for a while, but then so hard to get back to the daily grind.


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