Friday, May 30, 2014

32 Week Bumpdate

Unlike the last bumpdate, I don't have very much exciting news to report from my doctor's appointment yesterday. Things are progressing just as they should and my blood pressure has continued to remain at a normal level. Aside from getting my stork pass for parking, that's pretty much all the appointment consisted of.

At this point I'm weighing in at a whopping 155 pounds. That's just over a 30 pound weight gain. I'm pretty sure I've gained more than I'm supposed to, but I really can't fight my dessert cravings. I've been lucky to avoid any stretch marks up until this point. My maternity clothes seems to annoy me lately, so I've been sticking to dresses or yoga pants with tank tops.

This week, my little one is about the size of a summer squash. She should be around 3.75 pounds and just under 17 inches long. According to my pregnancy app, Juliana now has finger and toe nails along with hair.

Baby J has been extremely active lately. Instead of kicking mostly at bedtime, I've begun to notice her movements more when I'm up and moving around. Oh, and speaking of moving around, I don't like to move around or do anything, really. Laziness Fatigue has hit me hard. I could would go for all-day naps if I could. I blame my laziness for not having a bump photo included in this post. I'm sure there will be one on Instagram before the end of the day.

Sleep has not been an issue lately.  Except for when Adri is in our bed. I'm not joking when I say I would sleep all day if I could. Even though I sleep pretty decently at night, I'm using tired again not too long after waking up.

Next week I get to go to the hospital for a tour of the labor and delivery ward. I could have sworn it was only an online tour now, but I guess not. The following day, I'll be headed back for another ultrasound. They're got to make sure that baby is growing as she should due to the blood pressure concerns and they also need to check if my placenta has moved back far enough to avoid any complications during delivery. If not, it could mean a scheduled c-section. Eek!

Not only am I 32 weeks pregnant today, but I'm also turning 27! Is it sad that I feel like I'm practically 30..?! We really don't have any plans for celebrating. V has a show at school tonight (which I'm rather excited for) and hopefully afterwards we can go out for cake and/or ice cream. Hopefully both.

Love, Alex

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet friend!!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I ended my pregnancy with Maddie at like 174 pounds so don't feel bad.

  3. I feel ya on the dessert cravings. I'm trying to curb my sweet tooth to try and limit my weight gain this pregnancy, but my willpower blows. Big time. I'll be 29 weeks on Sunday and I'm up 20-25 lbs (depending on the day ;)). Maternity clothes suck, and I'm loving the nice weather so I can wear dresses to work without leggings. And you get a stork pass for parking?!? I wish our hospital had that, though right now I'm just hoping I make it to the hospital at all.

    Hoping for good news at the ultrasound for you. I'm deathly afraid of needing a c/s!

  4. Oh - and happy birthday. I blame pregnancy brain on my forgetting ;) (And 30s aren't bad -- I love being in my 30s, actually... but maybe I'm weird?)

  5. Yay! Happy Birthday!!!!! I swear when I turned 27 a couple weeks ago it was more like 40, at least you feel 30! haha.

  6. Happy birthday! Should've been an Alpha Gam with that birthday ;)

  7. Happy Birthday, and happy 32 weeks! Almost there! Good luck with the ultrasound. I hope everything checks out!

  8. Happy (belated) birthday!!! I hope you got cake and ice cream and brownies and cookies. And a single carrot to balance it out.


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