Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!! Know what that means?! Tomorrow I'm going to start getting ready for Christmas! But, for the rest of the day, we'll be Halloweening. I slacked and haven't put decorations up, so the girls will help me get that done ready quickly this morning.

The girls are so excited to get their trick or treat on tonight. I can't wait to dress them all up and snap tons of photos. I keep hearing that trick or treating here on base can get pretty crazy. I guess we'll see.

Sometime today I need to go "boo" my neighbor. When I tried to last night, their front door was wide open.. Just as I was about to go up their walk way, I noticed it and quickly walked in the other direction. Oops. And then I felt like a fool for making a huge loop around the neighborhood with a gift bag in my hand.

Anyway, whatever you're doing tonight, be safe and have fun! (:


  1. I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!!! :)

  2. Does Anna have whiskers? She looks a bit confused, haha.

  3. Awww how cute!! IS Adri a palace pet?! Thats AWESOME!

  4. Happy Halloween!!! Have fun tonight :)

  5. Adorable!!

    It's funny because this morning I was like "It's November! I can bring out the Christmas decorations!" Then I got the side eye from Mike. hahah


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