Thursday, October 9, 2014

Homeschool-ish [September]

I thought I would finally get around to sharing some of the activities that the girls and I did as part of their mini homeschooling during the month of September. Both Veronica and Adriana currently go to preschool two days a week. Another week day is spent doing more fun type stuff and gymnastics, which leaves two days for us to do our little homeschool activities. Adri still has a while before kindergarten so I do this mostly to reinforce what V is learning at school, as well as to keep up occupied with something other than TV during the day.

Through a Pinterest search, I found Play, Learn, Love, which features a pretty amazing curriculum. Jessica, the momma behind the blog, has an entire school year planned out. Plus, she updates weekly with the lesson plan and activities. Once I had the themes knocked out, it was easy to go back to Pinterest and find fun worksheets and craft ideas to incorporate into the themes. I got lucky with September, because V's class was doing the same themes for three of the four weeks.

Based off of Play, Learn, Love curriculum

For Veronica, I focused on mastering the spelling of her name as well as identifying each of the weekly letters. The original curriculum also included sight words, but we're not about that life just yet. Adri, who usually gets the short end of the stick, did all of the same activities, but I let her do them all wrong. I did however make sure that Adri was at least good with identifying the color red. V (re)learned how to say it in Spanish.

Week 1: I cut out the letters from each of the girls' names on red paper and had them (Veronica) put it in the correct order. She also practiced writing it out. This week, we also did some other "all about me" activities which included drawing a self portrait and writing/illustrating some favorite things and hobbies.

Week 2: At her school, each day corresponded to one of the five sense. I covered what they were doing in the classroom on the days that V wasn't actually in the classroom.

Week 3: I have to give all of the credit to Veronica's amazing teacher for this little craft. On black sheet of paper, trace a hand print with silver Sharpie. Using chalk, lightly color over the hand print. Then, glue Q-Tips down as bones. Genius, right?! For Adri, I used this week to make sure she knew all of the major body parts.

Week 4: I thought about getting really crazy and attempting to learn Hawaiian islands, but that'll be a lesson for a few years from now. Either way, we got lucky with the letter of the week being "H" for home and Hawaii. Both girls made houses out of the letter H. I tried to get V to learn our address, but didn't have much luck.

We've gotten off to a good start for October starting out with farm animals. I'm looking forward to getting closer to Halloween having fun with pumpkins.

Full-time homeschooling would never work for me, but I'm enjoying a few hours a week. Have you ever considered homeschooling?


  1. I love that you're so proactive w learning at home!

  2. That's awesome! I hate that so many people just let their kids watch TV all day. As a middle school teacher, I see the effects of that years later. I would love to homeschool some day, but my husband isn't all for it... and we don't even have kids yet! Time will tell - and it'll also depend on where we're stationed at the time. :)

  3. I love this! They can never start learning too early. :)

  4. What you're doing is great! They'll be all set when they start school.

  5. I love that you spend so much time making sure your girls are still learning even when they aren't at school. I hope to be a mom like that one day, but I'm not going to lie..parenthood is still incredibly intimidating!!


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